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Friday, 5 June 2009

Pet Vaccines: How Important Are They?

Every child needs
vaccinations to protect them from diseases such as tetanus, measles, and polio.
The same goes true with your pets too. There are vaccinations that your dog
needs to make sure that it stays healthy throughout its life span. Cats need
the same amount of protection too.

Dogs need vaccines to stay
clear of certain diseases. For starters, your dog would need shots against
distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis, parainfluenza, corona, and parvovirus
while they are puppies. The shots are scheduled by the veterinarian accordingly
and you have to take your pet to them when the vaccines are supposed to be
administered. Other than those, your dog also needs shots against bordetella
and rabies.

These vaccines are created to
secure the health of your pet. It doesn’t only keeps your dog healthy, it also
boosts their immune system and keeps their masters from the risks of acquiring
related diseases. Giardia vaccines are given at 14 and 17 weeks. It is a yearly
dose so mark your calendar and make sure that your dog gets his shots at the
right time. The vaccination for Lyme, on the other hand, is administered at the
same schedule as giardia.

Consult with your vet so that
you will be kept informed of about all the shots that your dog needs. Different
States has different regulations when it comes to this matter. Most of the
shots are also dependent on the breed of your pet. Be in the know when it comes
to the things that your pet needs and you will be able to take care of your
best friend.

Grooming is another
requirement of your dog. Give your dog a proper bath, a heap of nutritious
food, and all the other grooming procedures that it needs to keep its system
healthy. A lot of health problems are caused by poor hygiene. Your dog should
be given the rightful attention it needs. Don’t expose your pet to the dangers
of the environment and human food. By doing so, you are doing your share in the
wellness of your pet.

Dogs also need exercise. Furthermore,
there are dog breeds that require special care and attention than the rest.
Huskies are working dogs. Playtime is very essential for them to make sure that
they flex their muscles well. Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, are very
social in nature. They usually feel rejected and get very lonely if they are
left all alone for quite too long. Other breeds are not as social or need as
much attention as the others. But even so, you have to give them exactly what
they want to ensure good health.

All pets require care, attention,
and love, regardless of what type of animal they may be. And all of these have
to be given on a daily basis too. Vaccinations can only do so much to protect
your dog from various diseases. But it can’t be the only stronghold you have
against health concerns. You also have to give your pet everything that it
needs to survive. Food, shelter , and medical care are just the basics which
every dog should receive.

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