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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Betta Fish | Want an easy pet to care for? Try Betta Fish

If you are looking for a pet that is "hands" off in regards to care, there is hardly any other pet that would be as easy as the betta fish also known as the siamese fighting fish. And the great thing about these pets is that they come in many different colors and sizes and can easily live in a small aquarium.

The betta fish comes in many different varieties...

  • Regular Bettas (Known as Betta Splendens)
  • Crown Tail Bettas
  • Twin Tail Bettas
  • Half Moon Bettas
  • Delta Tail Bettas
  • Super Delta Tail Bettas
  • Spade or Pin Tail Bettas
  • Veil Tail Bettas
Betta Fish are actually perfect for children because of their low maintenance requirements. Just like its ugly cousin, the goldfish, betta fish are happy in a fish other words there is no need for expensive equipment. In fact, many consider the betta fish to be a "gateway" fish, meaning that many people will purchase one only to eventually graduate into buying a large aquarium at a later date.

Because of their hardiness, betta fish don't require that much in terms of care....if you can feed them regularly, then your siamese fighting fish will do fine. A little food, and with cleaning out the water on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is really all you need to keep your betta fish happy.

Why do people like Betta Fish?

Well, other than the fact that they are easier to care for than most other fish, betta fish are "easy on the eyes" when you compare them to other freshwater tropical fish. In fact, even the most common species, the betta splendens, can rival the more beautiful saltwater tropical fish in color and vibrancy.

In fact, the siamese fighting fish comes in all colors, opaque, cellophane (transparent), red, royal blue, purple, and many more. Virtually all colors are represented with these fish, which is one of the reasons why so many people love them. Each fish is unique in its own way!

Yes, it is true...never put two males together in the same tank. If you do, you can expect a fight on your hands! In fact, something like a mirror can spark a response known as "flaring", in which the betta will puff its tail may even try to attack!

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