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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Colibri ...
 In New Guinea, a huge number of unique species of animals and plants, but none wonder of nature did not take minds as creatures naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace in the XIX century called "the most extraordinary and the most beautiful of the feathered inhabitants of the earth."  In 2003, the photographer Tim Laman decided to document all kinds of birds of paradise. For eight years, he made ​​18 expeditions and made ​​a lot of unique photographs, much of the behavior of these birds science is still not known.
1 (670x442, 122Kb)
Total shoot took about 2000 hours, and in the end he collected photos of all the birds of paradise. Soon to be published book and a photo album of his adventures with Tim.   Admire some photos of these mysterious creatures.
2 (476x700, 245Kb)
3 (670x446, 66Kb)

4 (670x432, 76Kb)

5 (670x451, 88Kb)
6 (480x360, 40Kb)
7 (670x446, 89Kb)
8 (670x446, 88Kb)
9 (670x446, 96Kb)
10 (670x463, 93Kb)
11 (600x450, 26Kb)
12 (670x446, 187Kb)
13 (510x680, 81Kb)
14 (670x503, 83Kb)
15 (670x446, 77Kb)

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