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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Canaries singing and decorative

Contain canaries easy. It is a fully domesticated bird, no problem to get along in small cells. The minimum size of "living space" for the canary: 42 x 16 x 30 cm (length, width and height). Foreign fans write that one canary cage shall not be less than 60 x 40 x 40 centimeters. Keep in mind that these recommendations are for the birds decorative rocks that are not only much larger, and "longer" our, but also more prone to obesity due to inactivity.  Each male needs a separate cell. The singer does not have to see the neighbors, so the cells with Cenarion put one over the other or opaque fence off valves. males and females in the same room are best kept only during the nesting season. Callsigns females strongly excite the male sitting in a single cell, and in the spring and summer it can go bad song. 

Pan cells line newsprint in two or three layers. Bedding changed twice a week. Once or twice a year disinfect the cage: Thoroughly wash with warm soapy water and brushed.  For the full comfort of the bird will need three perch, one set at the bottom, two - in parallel at the top.  Cage must be drinkers, Bathing and feeder.  Canary - big fans swimming. Often water treatments they use water from the drinkers and contaminate it. Therefore it is better to hang the door open a special Bathing cells filled with water at room temperature. It is removed after the bird is redeemed.On the day of a water procedure is enough. Suspended Bathing significantly different practical vases and saucers with water placed on the bottom of the cage. By the way, swimming good for canaries. Diseased bird usually does not want to swim.  drinking water (fresh, room temperature) must reside in the dwelling canaries. And the water bottle is better to use the harness and not put it on the bottom of the cage, especially under the perch where the water will quickly become contaminated.  Feeders, where lay the daily ration of food, can be retractable or suspended. They are placed away from the troughs to feed on no water. Feed in the trough will pull long contaminated by bird that jumps while eating there with his feet.  feed for egg, grated carrots and moist bread needs a separate feeder in the form of small bowls. Once sated bird, bowl clean (along with the remnants of food), washed and dried.  canaries are fed mostly grain mixture of rape, colza, millet, white canary seed, oats, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and flax. Sunflower seeds nick need a little crush. Oilseeds (hemp, sunflower, flax) should not exceed 10% of the total composition of grain mixture. Millet canaries do not like, but white and yellow eat significantly more likely than orange-red. Readily regale white bread soaked with milk. The diet should include birds boiled egg and fresh sour curd. Of vitamin useful fodder seeds germinated millet, rape and sunflower, as well as lettuce, spiderwort, dandelion, grass, wood lice, grated carrots and a variety of ripe fruit.  Cage must be a separate small bowl containing the coarse river sand and crushed eggshells. Sand and shell pre-washed, boiled for 10-15 minutes and dried.  red and orange canaries moult should be given carotenoid food: white canary seed sprouts, grated carrots and boiled beets. Otherwise, the new plumage is paler than the old drop-down.  winter for birds grow "grass" in pots with soil: wheat germ, rapeseed, sunflower, prosa4Acquire canaries better in the autumn and winter months (November to February), by this time, all males complete moult and gain strength and sing their songs loud enough, but because in the performance of each tribe is well identified both advantages and disadvantages. Since February singing males somewhat worse: a period of breeding, Kenar begin to be excited.  During the summer, adult birds molt. Males with no singing or sing very little, and still do not shed "adolescents" have not yet formed the song.  Bird is necessary to examine in a relaxed atmosphere and slowly, so you do not repent. This is best done in the household experienced kenarovoda containing the same type of singing birds. Listen Kenar individually, as in the chorus of all the defects seen bad, and fully identify dignity birds can not.  For dilution is recommended to get at least two well-established Kenar with the same song. Males singing in a low voice, - mostly young or sick.  With age, the canary increase gradually grow claws and scales on the legs. The four or five years of bird becomes a mobile and active, such as, for example, at one year of age, although it is almost not changed. With good care and proper feeding canaries live 10-15 years.  To distinguish from the female canary, bird taken in hand, turn up the stomach and inflated feathers in its lower part. The male cloaca is extended into a tube with feathers on the end, the female is the place flat.  Pare canaries for nesting need cell length 55-60, width of 30 and a height of 30-40 centimeters. At the same time, on the roomy cage is deposited from parents became independent "youth". 

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