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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Insects - the largest group of "animals" in the world of approximately 90% of all living beings, and more than half of all living organisms. Some people are terrified of bugs, some of them collect, and many people do not notice them. In any case, and so, and others will be interested to learn about the biggest insects, some of which are quite horrific instances.


Acteon Beetle

This giant named after the mythological hero of Actaeon, who was trained by the centaur Chiron. But what is heroic in this huge bug? First of all, it is the size - of the insect family Scarabaeidae can reach more than 12 inches long. Actaeon - the second largest beetle in the world, with a wide and heavy body, strong legs and big claws. Living in South America, the beetle Actaeon is on larval and pupal stage for three years, and after the birth, the life expectancy of less than six months.This tragedy is worthy of any hero, as the Greek and South American!
Photo Acteon Beetle

Giant water bug

In this biting creeping creature is the Latin name Belostomatidae. Giant water bug lives around the world, especially in North and South America, East Asia and Northern Australia. In different areas of the world it is called differently - but equally terrible nicknames. This water bug carnivorous, prey on crustaceans, fish and even aquatic reptiles. Faced with the people they pretend to be dead. If this does not work, they can bite, penetrating the flesh and injecting their saliva. This is one of the most painful stings in the world, even though he does not take any medical threat. In Thailand, these beetles - street food and a tasty treat, fried in sauce with spices.
Photography giant water bug

Ornithopter Queen Alexandra

Ornithopter Queen Alexandra - the largest butterfly in the world and one of the most beautiful butterflies of our planet.Inhabiting in Papua, New Guinea, the giant butterfly - an endangered species. With a wingspan of up to 40 centimeters and 30 centimeters long, the butterfly is endangered, as the habitat of this beauty loggers invade and cultivation of oil palm, coffee and cocoa. Butterfly ornithopter Queen Alexandra lives in the trees of the rain forest. Butterfly naturalists discovered in 1906 and named after the wife of Edward VII. It is an endangered insect is really very beautiful. Since its larvae feed on toxic plants, a butterfly almost no enemies in nature than man.
Photo ornithopter Queen Alexandra

Giant burrowing cockroach

This cockroach can grow up to 7.5 cm in length and weigh up to 30 grams. In fact, this insect, causing an instinctive reaction of pure disgust most people - quite obediently. Its part of the plant as a pet. Most cockroaches have wings, but not in this giant, which also plays an important role in nature! Feeding dry leaves their offspring in small pits dug, this insect promotes natural process fertilizing land - a kind of composting. Giant burrowing cockroach is found only in Australia, and often catches the eye of people. This insect can live up to 10 years, which also distinguishes it from the usual cockroach.This is one of the most unusual in the world of insects.
Photography giant burrowing cockroach

Tarantulovy hawk

This is the largest wasp in the world. They are so named because they hunt and eat a tarantula spiders (they actually fed his spider larvae). Tarantulovy hawk is huge and has the worst sting of all the wasps, one of the most painful. Sting wasp paralyzes female tarantulas, allowing drag them to the lair of the wasps. Bright colors act as a warning to predators, and legs with hooked claws wasp can grab anything. Sting hawk can reach 7 mm in length.
Photo Tarantulovy hawk

Pavlinoglazki Atlas

Few people know that this is the biggest mole was named (the surface area of ​​the wing is 62 sm.kv.) in honor of the mythological Greek Titan because of the pattern on its wings. Subspecies of this colossus, as they say, is the inspiration for the Japanese monster from movies and literature - Mothra, or Kaizen in Japan. These creatures inhabit subtropical and tropical dry forests of Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago. Their cocoons are not only beautiful, but also created from a reliable silk used in their needs locals.
Photo pavlinoglazki Atlas

Goliath Beetle

Named after the Biblical giant Goliath, these beetles are unmatched in their weight and giant sizes. These beetles are vegetarians live in tropical African forests and eat fruit juice and wood, as well as animal waste, recycling "used" material.Regardless of their usual nutrient preferences in captivity they grow from egg to full beetle feed on food for cats or dogs, and need a lot of protein. Males can grow up to 12 cm in length and weigh up to 3.5 ounces. As a pet, the beetle can live up during the year in the last phase of his life. In the wild, Goliaths live even less due to predators.
Photo Goliath Beetle

Giant Ueta

This insect looks like a huge grasshopper and lives in New Zealand. 16 of the 70 known species of Ueta at risk due to human impact (habitat destruction) and the introduction of non-native predators such as hedgehogs, cats, rats and mastelidy (family of weasels). These nocturnal bugs - mainly herbivores, but also eat smaller insects. They can live anywhere - from your home garden, to the caves, forests, under rocks or rotting tree trunks, and even self-dug burrows. It is worth noting that the heaviest insect found was just a giant ueta, weighed 70 grams.
Photography Giant Ueta

Giant stick insect

Giant stick insect is the longest insect. Expert in camouflage, this guy reaches 55 cm in length, and has very long legs.Representative of group Phasmida - this being the night. Giant stick insect hiding during the day (under the leaves, which are its universal snack) and come out at night. He lives predominantly in tropical and subtropical regions, although there are variations in the more temperate parts. They are very hardy and can easily lose a limb to escape from a predator.
Photography giant stick insect

Titan beetle

Titanus giganteus - one of the largest beetles in the world. Beetle titanium lives in the rain forests of the Amazon, can grow up to seven inches in length and has such strong jaws that can cut the pencil in half and bite flesh. Females are very rare: they spend their time, waiting for the male to fertilize the eggs. Males, on the other hand, can be seen crawling on the trees, and even flew a short distance - they are so large that they often have trouble taking off from the ground! They spend their entire short life in the form of a beetle looking for a partner for mating, and may not even be there, relying on their energy reserves from the pupal stage. More information about the beetle titanium see this article.
Photo Titan Beetle

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