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Monday, 20 October 2014


Someone indifferent to collectible cars, someone indifferent name designer clothing, and someone with contempt for the famous Hollywood action movies with gunshots and explosions, and that's fine. But good and tasty food like everyone.Everyone loves delicious delicacies! But in life, there must be diversity and culinary preferences too. Customers are always willing to try something new and unusual. To maintain interest chef fine dining restaurants are on the use of rare ingredients.They are very expensive, but at least talk about them in this review can afford.

To what kind of food like - this is subjective, but there is absolutely accurate that if anyone asked to choose between a good, quality food and fast food, he would prefer the first option. Taste priorities affect the choice of the people. But if someone prefers, for example, Indian cuisine, it will continue to love her as long as one of the restaurants will not spoil the taste of the dish.

10 Saffron

Of course, everyone has heard about saffron and more than once. This Indian spice, which is recognized as one of the best in the world. Saffron is grown and harvested in many parts of the world, but due to the rarity of its small amount of material collected and the difficulties associated with it. In order to collect 450 grams of saffron cost from 500 to 5000 dollars, depending on the quality, you need to grow from 50 to 75 million colors - the size of a football field. Therefore, if the restaurant serves with saffron, it will certainly need to try. 9. Watermelon Densuke wonder there many people who are ready to pay 6000 dollars for a watermelon? Of course not, but if someone can afford it, you will certainly need to buy this delicious juicy watermelon. Densuke is easily recognized by its appearance - a strong dark green or even black skin without streaks. He did not even look like a normal watermelon. It grows only in the Japanese Hokkaido skeleton in an amount of 65 units per year, so the list of those who will be able to try the watermelon is very small. 8. Yubari Melon Japanese have a talent for growing rare fruits. Yubari melon resembles a cantaloupe, but it tastes quite different. It is absolutely round, much sweeter thanks to soil, fertilizer volcanic ash. Melon is not as expensive as Densuke watermelon, it can be purchased for $ 150 apiece. Grow it on the island of Hokkaido, in Yubari. 7. Mushrooms Matsutake Mushrooms Matsutake grow in China, and in Canada, and Finland, and the United States, and Sweden, but for the first time in the kitchen, they were presented to Japan, where they also grow. They taste the meat and spicy and the texture is similar to Portobello. This is a very popular mushroom in Japanese cuisine, but they are hard to grow. In Japan, they are imported from other countries for as low as $ 90 per kilogram, local even more expensive - $ 2 000. 6. Chocolate dessert Knisshildta Knisshildta Chocolate - it's not quite the usual delicacy, which are all used. Chocolatier Fritz Knisshildt to create this delicacy used dark chocolate and black truffles - rare fungi. In the center is a truffle dessert, covered with a thick ball of dark chocolate. First dessert appeared in the United States, where in 1996 he moved to the author. Prepared manually delicacy worth 2600 dollars - a dish for gourmets. 5. Marbled beef of Kobe Anyone who has ever heard of a steak or tried it knows about meat "kobe". Cows Prefecture Kobe in Japan are especially produced for this sort. Total cow Vagyu are under control, special care and feeding.In their menu and selected the most juicy grass in various combinations, and even beer. Every day the cows massage - all for tender and tasty meat. Delicacy worth 770 dollars per kilogram. 4. Iranian caviar beluga Almas Always delicacy and expensive food was associated with red and black fish caviar. Almas is the gold standard for any caviar. It is obtained from the Iranian beluga fish, which existed during the period of the dinosaurs. Since the production of caviar difficult period of maturation of the product for 20 years, for 450 grams to be paid from 8 400 to 15 500, depending on the quality. Buy Iranian caviar can be in London in the trading house «The Caviar House and Punier». If you suddenly wanted to try the caviar and the account has enough money to call it is necessary right now, so the order is able to get only 4 years. 3. White truffleLike his brother, the black truffle, white - a rare mushroom. It grows in the wild in France, Italy and Croatia, and sometimes it can be found in other places. The fungus is almost impossible to grow under conditions of the economy, it can only be collected in areas of natural habitat, so it is considered rare. 450 grams will have to pay from 10360 to 4200 dollars. Truffle weighing 1.5 kilograms in the auction can be purchased for 330 000 dollars. 2. Bird's nest soup is a Chinese dish is considered rare in the world. Known as the "Caviar of the East" dish first appeared 400 years ago. The soup is made ​​from nests of swifts. Get the ingredients for it is quite difficult, as the birds build nests high in inaccessible places. Nests consist of clay and saliva. All of this falls into the soup. 450 grams will have to pay from 910 to 4535 dollars. 1.Zoloto In this dish do not use any ingredients other than edible gold. People are so fond of the yellow metal, which have found a way, even as it is.The very same dish unremarkable: only shine and no taste. Some people eat it as a status symbol. Gold also added to drinks and as decoration for other meals. Per kilogram of edible gold will have to pay from 33, 000 to $ 110,000 per kilogram.

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