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Thursday, 20 November 2014


Of all the species is considered the most ancient Pharaoh Hound. Her appearance after so many years have not changed. Pharaoh Hound was highly prized in ancient Egypt.
The priests of ancient Egypt worshiped as a deity of these dogs, which are the earthly incarnation of the god Anubis. God of embalming. The special shape of these dogs, and today allows us to admire their grace and perfection. And create the impression that we are with them, lifts the veil of ancient secrets, the secrets of the priests of Egypt, the pharaohs and bygone times ...
In a world now only 500 members of this rare breed. The main centers for breeding dogs Pharaoh are in the US, Sweden and Finland.And yet, to acquire a dog puppies not easy.
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3925073_Tutanhkamun_jackal (667x500, 54Kb)
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The most surprising in these animals is their feature that is not peculiar to the dogs. They are able to smile when experiencing joy, funny dogs, wrinkle your nose and lips stretched. Shame or embarrassment, they begin to blush eye rims, nose and ears.These dogs have a unique flexibility that impresses even the most experienced dog owners. In the house of Pharaoh dog behaves very calmly, not worn through the rooms, knocking objects in its path. Friendly, intelligent, she is very gentle on the family members. Its absolutely embarrassing juxtaposition with other pets in the apartment.
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3925073_faraonovasobaka_1_ (400x319, 123Kb)
Pharaoh Hound not tend to show aggression. Difficulty in raising necessary only for the period of adolescence dog. Therefore, in this age period it is better not to leave alone with children or older people, mindful of the fact that the animal is physically strong. Dogs of this breed are very clever, learning does not occur to them any trouble. They quickly grasp the lessons of training and fun to perform them.
3925073_fardog (550x449, 152Kb)
From the general appearance of this dog breed is medium in size, her body graceful shape. She has long, slender legs. Pricked ears. At the height of the Pharaoh Hound reaches 53- 63 cm. In adults weighing less than 26 kg. Color short and smooth coat may be a chestnut with a white spot on the tail, dark - brown or tan color. Grooming is minimal.
Pharaoh Hound possesses good health. Excellent tolerate heat. Long retains cleanness of wool and therefore has no unpleasant odor.
3925073_PharaonHound_b (540x378, 45Kb)
Dogs of this breed lovers square meal and a little inclined to corpulence. However, keep them in top form is not difficult. On walks Pharaoh Hound behaves very actively, trying fast and long run. Walk the dog must be in a fenced area or on a leash.This need arises from -last of what the dog has well-developed hunting instinct. During the walk, it often tends to chase small animals.

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