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Sunday, 7 December 2014


What will happen when you cross a pit bull and a Husky? Or Pug and Chihuahua? Or Labrador and Husky? Let's take a look together! Sometimes the results that nature gives us, it is very surprising
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Pitbull and Husky
Pitbull & Husky

Corgi and Dalmatians
Corgi & Dalmatian

Chow Chow and Husky
Chow Chow & Husky

Taxis and Dalmatians
Dachshund & Dalmatian

Labrador and Husky
Labrador & Husky

Pug and Chihuahua
Pug & Chihuahua

Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle
Yorkshire Terrier & Poodle

Sharpay and Cocker Spaniel
Shar-pei & Cocker Spaniel

Pomeranets and Husky
Pomeranian & Husky

Pug and English Bulldog
Pug & English Bulldog

Dachshund and Sharpe
Basset Hound & Shar-Pei

Poodle and Corgi
Toy Poodle & Corgi

Husky and Golden Retriever
Siberian Husky & Golden Retriever

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