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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Thick azure forty (lat. Urocissa caerulea) - one of the types of azure forty family Corvidae. Considered a symbol of Taiwan. Birds live in mountainous areas at an altitude of 300 - 1200 m. It has a very memorable appearance :)  The size and structure of the body similar to the Taiwan magpie European.Body length - up to 65 cm, tail - about 40 cm length of the wing - 18-21 cm. The body and tail are dark blue color, often turning into purple, there are white markings. Red legs and beak, feathers of the neck, chest and head black. Rims around the eyes are yellow. Sexual dimorphism is virtually nonexistent. Live birds in small groups. Thick azure forty practically omnivorous. Their diet consists of small snakes, rodents, insects, figs, figs, seeds, do not disdain and dead animals.

1371663256_1 (700x466, 95Kb)

1371663271_10 (700x466, 83Kb)

1371663274_2 (700x466, 108Kb)

1371663297_14 (700x466, 141Kb)

1371663300_7 (700x466, 123Kb)

1371663300_8 (700x449, 85Kb)

1371663305_5 (700x525, 173Kb)

1371663305_16 (700x464, 147Kb)

1371663315_3 (700x564, 142Kb)

1371663316_15 (700x700, 230Kb)

1371663339_6 (700x653, 107Kb)

1371663350_13 (700x466, 233Kb)

1371663360_12 (700x373, 117Kb)

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