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Thursday, 5 February 2015


California Sea Lion - Sea of Cortez, Mexico      Green sea turtle - Similan Islands, Thailand 
  Spotted eagle ray - Galapagos, Ecuador     nosy (revolving) Dolphins - Philippines     Sailboat - Isla Mujeres, Mexico     Sailing and sardines - Isla Mujeres, Mexico     Bronze hammerhead sharks - Galapagos, Ecuador     West Indian manatees - Crystal River, Florida     Quintana Roo, Mexico        American crocodile - Jardines de la Reina, Cuba     Fish Crocodile - Tofo, Mozambique     Fish-stone - the Great Barrier Reef, Australia     Frogfish fish-frog - Dauin, Philippines     Giant fish-frog - Tofo, Mozambique     Colored fish-frog - Dauin, Philippines     Karakatitsevidny squid - Andaman Islands, India     He     Ferruginous moray - Surin Islands, Thailand     Sperm whales - Dominica             Medusa - North Male Atoll, Maldives     Comb - Unawatuna, Sri Lanka     Fish clown fish or anemone - Great Barrier Reef, Australia     Dead sailboat - Drake Bay, Costa Costa Rica     Sea Turtle Hawksbill - New Providence, Bahamas     "Sea Elephant" - Andaman Islands, India     Sicklefin lemon shark - Beqa, Fiji     Marine fish-leaf or leaf scorpion fish - the Great Barrier Reef, Australia     Australian Wobbegong - South West Rocks, Australia     big-fish-frog - Bocas Del Toro, Panama     Cell grouper - Tofo, Mozambique     Cellular moray - Pulau Weh, Indonesia     lamellar sea snake - Caqalai, Fiji     Southern stingray - Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos    
       Pygmy seahorse Denis - Malapascua, Philippines     Pacific seahorse - Galapagos, Ecuador     orangutan crab or hairy crab - Mabul, Malaysia     nudibranchs (Halgerda Aurantiomaculata) - Great Barrier Reef, Australia     Also nudibranchs - Dauin, Philippines     Nautilus - the Great Barrier Reef, Australia     Yellow moray - Los Roques, Venezuela   Green sea turtle on pasture - Akumal, Mexico   Small electric ray - Cozumel, Mexico   Fish-ball in the "deflated" state - Bermuda   South African fur seal - False Bay, South Africa  

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