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Friday, 1 April 2011

Neoplastic Diseases in Poultry ADENOCARCINOMATOSIS

Neoplastic Diseases in Poultry


343 343.The intestinal and reproductive tracts are primarily affected. Quite often, the neoplasms invade the peritoneum and other serous coats. Macroscopically they appear as numerous disseminated thick nodes of a various size (with a diameter from several mm to 1 cm).
344 344.Sometimes, the tumours are cystic formations (cystadeno-carcinoma).
345 345.The leiomyoma of the mesosalpinx is a common tumour in hens. Usually, it is located in the ventral ligament of the oviduct. Its size varies from small to large (several cm in diameter), smooth, thick, sometimes highly vascularized nodes.

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