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Friday, 1 April 2011

Parasitic Diseases ASCARIDIOSIS

Parasitic Diseases


372 372.Ascaridiosis is one of the most prevalent helminthoses in fowl. It is caused by various species from the Ascaridia genus. The ascarids have a direct life cycle. Sometimes, it could involve paratenic hosts (earth worms). Infected birds are progressively emaciated, anaemic and sometimes diarrhoeic.
373 373.Pathoanatomically, haemorrhages of various intensities are found out in intestinal mucosa, catarrhal haemorrhagic enteritis and the parasites themselves are also observed.
374 374.In cases of extensive invasion, the ascarids block the intestinal lumen and could cause a complete obstruction. The treatment and the control are realized through regular pathoana-tomical and coproovoscopic studies and performance of therapeutic and protective dehelminthizations.

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