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Friday, 10 October 2014


In an unusual photo project Sharon Beals is a series of photographs of birds' nests. It is very interesting to look at the houses of birds, all of which are waiting for his birth future chicks. Most of the sockets are made from natural plant materials. Birds that nest close to human habitation, it is very often used in the construction of their nests dumped garbage people - paper, rope, wire and more. 

1 (700x560, 143Kb)
Nest Reel
2 (700x700, 147Kb)

Warblers nest MakGillivreya
3 (700x700, 78Kb)

Nest singing zonotrihii.
4 (700x700, 206Kb)

Wandering thrush nest
5 (700x700, 105Kb)

Hummingbird Nest
6 (700x700, 64Kb)

Nest American siskins
7 (700x700, 142Kb)

Nest beregovushki
8 (673x700, 133Kb)

Nest of African palm swift
9 (699x700, 87Kb)

Caspian tern nest
10 (700x700, 146Kb)

Nest small green boatbill
11 (700x700, 76Kb)

Yellow-jack songster
12 (700x700, 134Kb)

Nest tundra tap dance
13 (700x693, 139Kb)

Western gulls nest
14 (700x700, 140Kb)

Nest magnolia forest songster
15 (700x700, 137Kb)

Nest Canadian Kuksha
16 (700x700, 143Kb)

Marsh wren's nest
17 (700x700, 137Kb)

Jack pine siskins
18 (700x700, 128Kb)

Tennessee warblers nest
19 (700x700, 132Kb)

Jack sparrow stone
20 (700x700, 103Kb)

Nest purpurnomaskovoy Tanagra in the hive of wild bees
21 (700x700, 125Kb)

Western kingfisher nest
22 (700x700, 130Kb)

The nest of the red-oatmeal
23 (700x700, 105Kb)

Nest spotted nightingale
24 (700x700, 105Kb)

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