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Saturday, 15 November 2014


If you visit the San Diego Zoo and decide to look at the cheetahs, then it can see close to one of them, the dog. And it is not by chance ran dog, and "companion", specially selected under the program "Animal Ambassadors".
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In the last century in the wild live about 100 thousand cheetahs, now its less 12 thousand and they completely destroyed in 13 countries. Terrible-looking predator cheetah timid by nature. Most cheetahs leads a lonely life, and does not admit to myself one that greatly complicates the process of reproduction in captivity, especially given the fact that the female estrus begins only in the presence of the male.
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Ironically, the presence of dogs, cheetahs suffer much easier than the presence of other individuals of their species.Moreover, the presence of a number of dogs allows tame cheetahs instincts and make them more tolerant to the presence of other people and even cheetahs.
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In 4 of the 19 cheetahs San Diego Zoo has a companion - a dog. Take them primarily from shelters, given the nature of the animal, and reduce the three-month cheetahs puppies of the same age.
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The dog has a dominant position in the pair, and serves as a model for behavior, as well as protects the ward. Since childhood, animals spend almost all the time together.
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The presence of dogs allowed to suppress the cowardly feline nature and not only contribute to the great success of the zoo in the breeding of cheetahs (135 in the last 40 years), but also to create visitors the opportunity to witness a live speed faster runners from nature. Cheetah accelerates from 0 to 60 miles (96.6 km) per hour in 3.4 seconds.
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Speed ​​is essential for survival, as the cheetah is not fit to fight larger predators. Cheetah is capable of speeds of 60-70 miles (96.6 - 112.6 miles) per hour, depending on its size, but because they can run only 20-30 seconds. If running will take a minute or more, the risk of dying animal, as the stress and heat exhaustion can literally "fry" his insides at this speed.
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The only companion dog that was not taken from the orphanage, this Anatolian Shepherd Yeti.
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Now no one remembers exactly where it came to the idea podselyat dogs cheetah.
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In 1981, the zoo was given two cheetah with the dogs and the transmission condition was not to divide the animals, as they are accustomed to each other.
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About 20 years ago Anatolian Shepherd indirectly helped preserve the population of cheetahs in Africa. Dr. Laurie Marker, founder and director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in the Southern African nation of Namibia, was brought from Turkey these dogs and give local farmers to protect their flocks of sheep dog.
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Large dogs successfully distilled predators and deprived farmers need to kill animals. For the first time in 30 years the population of cheetahs began to grow.

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