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Saturday, 20 December 2014


the most lovely breed of cats (1)
1. Abyssinian - one of the oldest breeds, quite exotic. It is considered the ancestor of African wild cat. Need affection and attention, do not require special grooming.
cutest cat breeds (2)
2. Siamese cat - a very interesting breed, here are a few words about it: it is a very active breed, they require a lot of attention to his personality and will not tolerate, if you do not play with it and ignore it. They are very sociable and affectionate, quickly attached to his master.
the most lovely breed of cats (3)
3. Persian cat - well what can I say? Just a nice wad of wool. For wool should be very carefully looked after.

cutest cat breeds (4)
4. Maine Coon - the name comes from the name of the State of Maine in America. Considered the largest rock. Very neat and agreeable: your curtains, furniture and wallpaper are not damaged by sharp claws.
cutest cat breeds (5)
5. Russian blue cat. Her ancestors of domestic cats are considered old Slavic tribes. The first mention of it dates from the time of Peter I.
the most lovely breed of cats (6)
7. Bengal house cat - obtained by crossbreeding Bengal cat subfamily of small cats and domestic cats.
cutest cat breeds (7)
6. Egyptian Mau. We all know that in Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals and that the murderer for killing which was the death penalty. Is the personification of the moon goddess, love, home. Sociable breed, can not stand alone, interested in everything that makes the owner.
cutest cat breeds (8)
8. Himalayan cat - another lump of six.
cutest cat breeds (9)
9. Munchkin - cats with very short legs, so considered unusual breed.
cutest cat breeds (10)
10. Scottish Fold - awfully cute cats, thanks to the special structure of the ears. Balanced character and simplicity - the main traits of this breed.
cutest cat breeds (11)
11. Toyger - bred in America. This home tiger!
cutest cat breeds (12)
12. Turkish Angora - elegant, intelligent and very curious breed.
cutest cat breeds (13)
13. Manx - originated on the Isle of Man. A distinctive feature - the absence of a tail.
cutest cat breeds (14)
14. Siberian - come in a variety of colors, from black to golden tiger. Appeared in Siberia.
cutest cat breeds (15)
15. Ragdoll - a peace-loving, sympathetic and patient.
cutest cat breeds (16)
16. Usher (Savannah) - another very large domestic cat. Price goes up to $ 6000. Hypoallergenic.
cutest cat breeds (17)
17. Ocicat - active and curious cat.
cutest cat breeds (18)
18. The Norwegian Forest Cat - large and freedom-loving.
cutest cat breeds (19)
19. Tonkinese cat - different color color, fairly specific, strongly tied to the man.
cutest cat breeds (20)
20. Burmese cat - comes from Southeast Asia. Very graceful, elegant, with plastic oriental dancer.

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