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Sunday, 7 September 2014


Interest in Bull Terriers consistently high. Much of the public calls the dog monster, but there are those who love it and thinks the baby in the dog's clothes, which can not help liking.

Such different Bull Terrier


Most people of all dogs with the characteristic porcine snout called the Bull Terrier. Meanwhile, dog handlers, will usually result in the term Pit Bull (Pit Bull). This title covers dogs with similar physical characteristics and includes, American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff), Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Canary dogs, Italian Cane Corso, animal or any mixture of them. However, not only ordinary people have little knowledge of dog breeding, but also lawyers in many countries do not bother such nuances and equate to any bull terrier dog, if one of her parents belonged to the above species. The fact that the genetic similarity of these dogs is visually difficult to determine "who is who". In other words, not only here but also in other countries of dogs with a square head and powerful body called the Bull Terrier. Babe in the dog suit in the late 1980s on television did not go commercial Budweiser beer (Budweiser), in which the main role was played by Bull Terrier named Mackenzie, whose sly grin and tricks instantly made ​​it this pop icon. The audience was fascinated by this dog is much more than a beer spammed. After the first Bull Terriers esters popularity soared to epic proportions. They called him affectionately "kid in the dog suit." However, it soon became clear that laughter-laughter, and these dogs are very dangerous. If you do not deal with their socialization from the early days and they do not devote their time, they really can turn into a monster. Later, there were recommendations that people are too timid character should not take bull terrier into the house, otherwise the owners will be held hostage to their pets. Mongrelmen of bull terrier and Rottweiler Since 1979, the United States, where these animals have become cult, started to conduct a terrible Statistics Bull Terrier attacks on people. It was found that 43% of all deaths recorded attack dogs on them. It turned out that bull terriers are extremely touchy and vindictive. Thus, 94% of assaults on children was due to the fact that kids are screaming or crying loudly, while for other species is an indicator was at 42%. But was more terrible statistics of deaths - three of the ten attacks ended in tragedy. However, the investigation of these cases showed that in 84% of these incidents were to blame for the hosts, who did not take the necessary precautions. But the very real monsters that killed seven cases out of ten, were of mixed blood of the bull terrier and a rottweiler. Diseases Despite his fearsome appearance, bull terriers dogs are more likely to get sick.Among them developed hereditary nephritis caused by small and poorly developed kidneys. As a result, dramatically increases the level of protein in the urine, leading to death of the animals within three years. However, modern medicine allows these dogs live to 6 or even 8 years. Another problem is the white bull terrier deafness in one or both ears. They are sick and heart disease, as well as suffer from skin allergies to detergents, dust and mold. lock jaw among people spread the myth that Bull Terriers have physiological mechanism "lock jaw" or "death grip." However, as many studies have shown, nothing special in them neither muscle nor bone structure is not. And although they can bite a cat or small dog, and while not the payload teeth, despite the efforts of the people, it's only natural force. The easiest way to unclench his jaw broken by a vial of ammonia smell that these dogs can not tolerate. "Do not try to manually dissolve tooth clutch when Bull grabbed the victim, - says dog handler Mike Stevenson of Chicago - a fool's errand. If there is no ammonia, use a stick as a lever. " Allow you can not prevent the United States legislation is considered the most effective. If accidents occur regularly for wine bull terriers, they were simply banned. These restrictions apply in many states and are a good warning to those regions where these dogs are allowed. In this case, the owners are automatically attracted to legal liability for injuries inflicted by animals. Owners also require buying expensive poles with the responsibility to 300,000 dollars, and the insurance companies require specific restrictive measures. It is interesting that in England, where it is forbidden weapons in personal use, Bull Terrier was used for street attacks with the aim of property gain. In this case, the owner is subject to criminal liability as a robber with a gun.Heroes of Bull Terriers Meet the real heroes. For example, a dog named Vila saved during the life of the police 32 people, 29 dogs, 3 horses, and even a cat. A Bull Terrier Deboy protect his family from a bandit, received three bullets. He died, but the stranglehold of the throat with a criminal and not let go. Wrote in American newspapers about the dog Lilly, which made ​​her unconscious host to the people after he lost a leg in an accident on the railway. Such stories in the world are vast.

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