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Sunday, 7 September 2014


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Raven feared and hated. They worshiped. Today, it is proved that the intelligence of crows is not inferior intelligence of primates. But the more one tries to understand these mysterious birds, the more the question arises.
Observing the behavior of the birds showed that crows arrange something like a memorial for fallen comrades. Finding a dead body of a crow, they are for 10-15 minutes and loud shriek, and then silently sitting on branches. Why birds "mourn" their relatives? The answer to this question is trying to find a graduate student at the University of Washington Kylie Swift working on research projects under the direction of renowned expert, Professor John Merzlifa.

2 When I eat, I am deaf and dumb
A researcher from the University of Vermont, a zoologist Bernd Heinrich observed that during mealtimes young and mature crows behave differently. First with loud cries are going great now, believing that such behavior is not only discourage older relatives, but also from other scavengers. Adult crows, on the contrary, trying not to attract attention, preferring to dine in total silence and solitude (in the extreme case of sharing a meal with one of the companions).
Experiment 3 of Aesop's Fables
A team of scientists from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and Cambridge decided to once again prove that a crow different special intelligence and wit. They decided to check the veracity of Aesop's fable, which tells the story of the crow, come up with a way to quench the thirst of almost filled jar.
Participate in the experiment birds offered two flasks (one containing water in the other - sand), as well as different in size and weight stones and objects lighter than water. What was surprising to scientists, when the crows chose exactly the right diameter stones and lowered them one by one in a flask with water until the liquid level has not risen so much that the birds were able to have a drink. Flasks with sand remain intact. Birds also clearly distinguished the stones that can drown in water, from objects that will be held on its surface.
4 Mirror, mirror, tell
Researchers from the University of Auckland decided to find out for what purpose the crows will use a mirror. Observations of a dozen New Caledonian crows showed that the birds preferred to use an item is not for admiring his own irresistible looks, but in a more practical purposes.
With it, they found a hidden treat, easy to identify the relationship between the real and the mirror image of the location of the pieces of meat. According to one of the study's authors Felipe Medina Rodriguez, the ability to analyze information from the crows can be compared with the abilities of primates and elephants.
5 digging stick
Raven, in general, often referred to as "feathered apes" - the level of their intelligence is not only comparable, but, at times, surpasses the ability of monkeys. German neuroscientists Lena Veit and Andreas Nieder demonstrated how easily crows can use a variety of means available to get food.
They are perhaps the only bird able to select hooked branches, which are best suited to extract insects from the narrow slits. They also use a blade of grass as a "fork", which you can chop gape "lunch." Laboratory studies have shown that crows are not only competently apply ready-made solutions, but also easy to create new tools. So, straight wire they give form to the hook or break the cardboard into strips, which are used as multi-scrapers.
ornithologist from Cornell Laboratory Keven McGowan confirmed that crows use sticks specially shaped for a successful "hunt", adding that sometimes they will keep most comfortable and functional tools to use them again.
6 Know the enemy in the face!
Wildlife researchers at Washington University John Merzlif sure that crows are not only able to remember her abuser, but also transmit information about it the rest of the birds. During their work, scientists have repeatedly faced the similar behavior of crows. They were loud, terrifying cries of persecuted researchers set traps. It was found that even the chicks will be unfriendly to those who are "cursed" by their parents. So, Merzlifu known case where police Everett in Washington State were attacked by crows after the shooting of birds carried 25 miles north of Seattle. Birds Avengers did a distance of about 50 kilometers, to bring down his wrath upon the heads of offenders.

7 Family values
Researcher Kevin McGowan of the Cornell Laboratory studies crows for 20 years, in particular, watching the birds from several generations. It turns out that the young ravens may remain with their parents for five years, and the family, at times, has up to 15 members: parents and their children, nephews, brothers. In the case of the death of relatives to help parents "raise children on their feet": feed them and protect the nest.
Makgoueta Studies also showed how very different the ravens that live in the cities, from those who prefer to settle in the villages. So, urban crows have fewer offspring, because they did not have many natural enemies, so - more likely to survive.It is interesting that those who live in urban crows are less demanding food and adapt quickly to new conditions. They are not averse to check dumpsters and are satisfied with the food of lower quality than their rural relatives.

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