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Thursday, 4 December 2014


When it comes to "home feathered pet," the first thing we often remember the budgerigar .

Indeed, this small charming, easy to handle a bird, is often the favorite of the whole family.

Budgie is ideal for keeping at home - it is extremely social, easy to tame, likes to communicate with a person amenable to training (able to pronounce words and sounds).

1416756031_volnistyi (468x700, 95Kb)

Because of its small size, for the maintenance of budgerigar does not require a lot of space and a large cage.

The average life expectancy of 10 years budgerigar, some individuals live to 25 years.

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And this rock- chrysanthemum , first appeared in Australia, through breeding, lives about 2 years.

1416756541_1 (700x525, 28Kb)

1416756580_6395510 (600x487, 41Kb)

Unfortunately this is a real mutation, obtained as a result of multiple closely ties and even up to a year, most do not survive, many die during the first molt.

1416756702_1096299 (700x438, 39Kb)

"... Fezer Daster (PD) - Feather Duster (Eng.) - a feather duster to remove dust.

This name was given to these birds because of the remote external similarity of their plumage with the subject goods, sometimes referred to as "Curly" budgies, "Chrysanthemum", "Orchid" - a very rare mutation with recessive mode of inheritance.

1416757599_0123268 (640x480, 67Kb)

Probably, it damages the gene that controls the cessation of growth of feathers. Because of this, the bird over and constantly growing feathers.
The first report on this chick was reported in 1966.

He was born of a pair of exhibition budgies.
Perhaps these chicks appear only exhibition wavy.

1416757673_s5785399 (334x500, 23Kb)
After the appearance of these chicks breeders usually do not breed this pair or even exclude it from the breeding program.

Chicks sometimes euthanized.

In this regard, currently the phenomenon of PD is very poorly understood.
PD between birds and birds with plumage of the "buff" is a pretty strong relationship.

1416757798_2502553 (513x700, 63Kb)
PD chicks are born exactly the same way as conventional chicks, but the difference can be seen almost immediately, as soon as the chicks start to fledge - down and feathers are longer than normal birds.

At the age of 2 weeks, they can be identified by the short tail feathers (shorter than the coverts).
Plumage continues to grow and when growth pen conventional birds ends. Feathers are very long and begin to curl.
Most of the PD can not sit on a perch, climb and clean.

PD can not fly.

1416757847_s6875502 (400x300, 17Kb)

In most cases, the PD whole day sitting in a bowl with food and eating, as they need to ensure a constant and rapid growth of plumage.
His voice PD differs from conventional volnistikov votes.

1416757894_2 (580x460, 34Kb)
In PD four tail feathers, and the number of primary flight feathers are also more than ordinary budgies.
In PD often ambiguous cere and sex not easy to determine.

2627134_1681251 (474x288, 27Kb)
Term life in FD very korotkiy- they rarely live up to a year.
The reason is called the inability to provide the birds with essential nutrients and growth of feathers, and the current needs of the body.

1416757954_s0496159 (400x267, 10Kb)
It is likely that a gene FD affects not only the growth and quality of feathering length, but also on other parameters (this can also be a cause of early death).
Some breeders note that the respiration rate of the PD was higher than normal. Perhaps, the heart rate was higher, and could feel the vibration in the chest.

1416758094_2019057 (450x482, 38Kb)
Studies have shown that about 2 chicks Fezer Daster born among 110 chicks, representing approximately 2% of the population .... "

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