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Monday, 22 December 2014


Black - the color is quite normal in the animal world. There are black bears, gorillas, black breed dogs and cats. But the Indonesian chicken breed known as Ayam Tsemani may well surprise. Black color Ayam Tsemani not limited its feathers. All this black chicken - the skin, beak, feather, tongue, claws, even his meat, bones and organs. Even black bone marrow. Their blood, but not black, but is very dark. Ayam Tsemani as exciting and exotic, which is referred to as the "Lamborghini in the world of poultry." The word 'Ayam' means 'chicken' in the Indonesian language, and 'Tsemani' translates as 'completely black' in Javanese.This exotic breed originated in Java, Indonesia. It was first introduced in Europe in 1998, which aroused great interest among lovers of poultry. Dutch breeders have paid attention to the black rock chickens because of the unusual appearance, and genetic components. Ayam Tsemani - one of the most expensive chicken in the world. One chick could cost up to $ 2,500. Breed get their black color from genetic features, known as fibromelanozis which promotes the proliferation of black pigment cells. The gene that causes fibromelanozis is a mutation that existed in Asia for more than 800 years ago. Mutation spread to other breeds of chickens, as the Swedish Black Hen Swart Hona. In Asia, black chicken breeds are very highly valued because they believe in its mystical abilities. Their meat contains more iron and it is useful for women during and after pregnancy. Birds sometimes sacrificed during childbirth, or other special occasions. People believe that this sacrifice brings good luck. Some Asians believe that eating this black chick ease their conscience, and their crowing brings prosperity. The only thing that is not black at Ayam Tsemani - it's the eggs that are cream color. But because of this breed got very bad hen, because the eggs have to continue wearing artificially, through the incubator. Source

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