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Saturday, 20 December 2014


Famous actors and their orphanage pets
Tatyana Lazareva, Russian TV presenter and actress, together with Iriska-dog adopted from shelters.
"Finally, the world has become fashionable to help, to protect, to do good. Perhaps there is no rich and famous in the West, which would not help to animal shelters or would not take dogs and cats to his home." - Says Svetlana Safonov, editor-site assistance fund animal "giving hope"
3455057_1_JenniferAnistonMarleyandMe (525x700, 48Kb)
Jennifer Aniston with one of her pet from a shelter.
Glossy magazines are full of photographs of the lucky stars in the arms of not less than happy dogs and cats: Joji Clooney and Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson.
In Western countries, the animal from a shelter give pleasure. But before that, satisfied with the candidate for the new owner a serious interview. Any person must first prove that he is able to take care of a pet. Subjected to the interview even members of the royal family. For example, the wife of Prince Charles - Camilla Duchess had to answer the question of whether to allow her living conditions contain animal.
3455057_sandra_bullock_with_her_dogs_leaving_her_townhouse_in_soho02_122_538lo (506x700, 263Kb)
Award winner Oscar , Sandra Bullock, is also the owner of a large heart. She took three dogs from the shelter with special needs (with special needs). Poppy (Poppy) is a cross between a Chihuahua and he has three legs; in Ruby, Chihuahua, two legs; Bebe not have one eye. Bullock took all of their dogs at California animal shelter.
3455057_sandrabullockthreeleggeddog11 (468x700, 238Kb)
Sandra Bullock on a walk with the dog, which has three legs.
Sandra Bullock took from a shelter trehlapy Chihuahua Poppy. Lost dog hind legs in an accident. Three years later, the actress took another chihuahua Ruby, who because of malformation not both forepaws.
3455057_1sandrajesse08 (700x700, 97Kb)
On the walk, when animals get tired, Sandra alternately takes them in her arms. For them it has developed car seats and belts.
3455057_1016860_467902076663996_1948364439_n (650x433, 46Kb)
Charlize Theron In some dogs, one of which she took at the orphanage, knowing that dog cancer. The actress has provided pet the best treatment and very believes that he will survive.
3455057_SelmaBlair__Wink__Adopted_by_Selma_Blair (587x700, 185Kb)
Selma Blair (Selma Blair) with her dog Wink, which she took from a shelter.
And so on ...
Take animals from the shelter is not only fashionable, but also an honor. Looking at their star idols, simple French and the British, Germans and Dutch gladly share the shelter of homeless animals.
We, of course, to them so far away. But we have outlined a good trend. We fund became increasingly calls asking how to get a dog or cat from a shelter. And this, of course, very happy.
3455057_5875356ff8184c1cea18c104a2184a2c (683x546, 791Kb)
Recently, some famous people starred in a photo shoot titled "Homeless pets." Garik Martirosyan and Michael Porechenkov, Yuri Solomin and Roman Kostomarov, Tatyana Lazareva and Leonid Yarmolnik and many, many others took pictures with animals from the shelter. 
3455057_1454784_672928976071217_1450394926_n (640x480, 27Kb)
The aim of the project - to draw attention to the problem of stray animals, providing both material and volunteer help shelters and kennels, promotion of humane treatment of animals. These wonderful pictures you can not only see but also to buy. And do not be afraid to come to the shelter. Animals are waiting for you!
3455057_1456488_672928912737890_2083322178_n (640x480, 28Kb)
3455057_1 (604x453, 38Kb)
3455057_2 (604x453, 42Kb)
3455057_3 (604x453, 38Kb)
3455057_4 (604x453, 42Kb)
3455057_5 (453x604, 19Kb)
It is gratifying that our domestic film and television stars have become frequent visitors and around Moscow shelters. Some even take the pets themselves, such as Tatyana Lazareva, which gave shelter to the baby Toffee - puppy, throw us a as a summer morning. Lazarus family very happy. Constantly take animals from the streets or shelters composer Irina Gribulina and actress Irina Lachin.
3455057_k_xab (466x700, 41Kb)
His mongrel dog Konstantin Habensky took shelter from the dirty and sick. Laundered, healed and loved.Buys his bones and leaves for the night light because he is afraid of the dark.
3455057_serg_laz (466x700, 183Kb)
Sergey Lazarev recently got himself a puppy - mongrel named Daisy. He took the baby from the orphanage, now is actively seeking owners for her sisters.
Famous actors and their orphanage pets
The famous actor Dmitry singer and his wife Olga Drozdov very fond of animals. Therefore, when a pair of good friends that are engaged in the care of stray dogs and try to attach them to the family, offered to take one of the star pupils themselves, they agreed. However, not once. "In fact, I did not want to start a dog, if only because that is poorly represented liter, it will be combined with our schedules, employment ... But not dissuade Olga. The event was just that when it is easier to give than to explain why you can not "- said Dmitry in an exclusive interview to" Caravan of stories. " As a result, a family of actors appeared dog Tina, who immediately became a general favorite. Especially the presence of an animal in the house is happy little son pair Elisha. According to the artist, he just loves to walk and play with chetyrehlapym other. "The son and dog get along well. Tina does not know what she's got teeth, her kindness does not allow for this topic as it should reflect "- says the singer.

3455057_1466086_610411165687788_2001786624_n (445x550, 30Kb)
Nicholas Rastorguev, leader of Lube:
"My head does not fit as possible so brutally hate animals? Today they are annoying stray dogs, ugly people tomorrow, and the day after pensioners, how long in our country will tolerate all this? And it is clear that this is the absolute cowards nobodies who are trying to solve their complexes s due to innocent animals.
I can not imagine what patients need to grow, what to think, to behave like that in adult life. How can one remain indifferent to all this? It is strange that our government is not responsive, and there is still no clear-cut responsibility for such crimes. Although, in my opinion, for it is as should be planted. What are all waiting for? When will poison a dog GDP? Maybe then at least someone to lift a finger?
I can not talk about this anymore, I only hope that these scum though the Lord will punish. And I almost forgot, if anyone of these moral monsters have in my "friends" on social networks, so good, "suicides"!

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