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Saturday, 20 December 2014


This dog is more expensive than diamonds
Dog expensive diamonds!Tibetan mastiff breed! This breed originated from the descendants of wolves 58 thousand. Years ago.This is a very large and aggressive dogs are used for protection.
According to some extant legends such dogs is accompanied by Genghis Khan and the Buddha himself wandering.
One such dog can cope with the leopard. Well, a couple of these beauties can fight with a tiger or a lion. These dogs are to this day considered to be wild and live close to Homo sapiens only as long as he feeds them.
Such an animal whose weight often reaches the weight of 100 kg, while the growth of more than 1 m at the withers, you need a lot of food.
Tibetan mastiff annual maintenance costs 200 thousand. $.

To breed Tibetan mastiff in China are treated with a special love and even respect. Chinese consider them one of the oldest working breeds of dogs that guarded Tibetan monasteries and faith were nomads in the Himalayas.
Legend has it that Genghis Khan kept Mastiffs and Buddha. Today Red Tibetan Mastiff - a status symbol of the rich Chinese. This is an incredibly ancient and very prestigious race.
Five years ago, in 2009, the rich Chinese Mrs. Wang, bought a dog named Yangtze River №2 . Its cost was $ 607,000.
Since then, the dogs of this breed is much more expensive. This summer puppy red colors big splash(Hong Dong) sold for the price of a space 1 000 $ 5000 .

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