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Saturday, 10 January 2015


With hunger lions are not averse to eat carrion, but prefer fresh meat. But for hyenas dead animals - the main diet. Therefore, when a pack of hungry lions decided to profit dead elephant, hyenas were already in place.  Most of the dogs escaped, but one did not have time to fall down - she had to hide inside the carcass. Gain time, hyena tore all his might, and she was lucky to get-away unscathed.

hyena_hides_01 (634x585, 220Kb)

hyena_hides_02 (615x700, 337Kb)

hyena_hides_03 (634x408, 126Kb)

hyena_hides_04 (634x407, 146Kb)

hyena_hides_05 (634x408, 142Kb)

hyena_hides_06 (634x491, 194Kb)

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