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Monday, 5 January 2015

Rare Exotic and Beautiful Birds Of The World

The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Even though this bird is not particularly striking at first glance, a careful study shows a great mixture of gray with yellow and black shades.

Bohemian waxwing body is mainly gray, but on his head are located particularly attractive feathers, and the tail has a bright yellow tip. Blue jay As her name suggests, blue jay flaunts dominated by shades of blue on its plumage, but mainly on the back side and head.The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Chest blue jays almost completely white, while the blue feathers on its limited distinctive black spot.

This bird could look pretty safe at first glance, but in fact it is quite aggressive towards smaller birds living in the wild.The blue bird of paradise
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Even though there are many types of "birds of paradise" Blue Bird of Paradise - definitely one of the most spectacular views.

With its elegant shades of blue on its wings and its black head, this stunning little bird - definitely a great sight to behold.

In addition, the Blue Bird of Paradise looks majestic, because it has two thin black pen formed as tendrils of her tail. Red Macaw
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

It is a known fact that Ara - one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in the world, and a red macaw definitely does not disappoint in this regard.

Beginning with his head, red macaw has a distinctive red plumage, which goes to the bright red, reaching the shoulders.

From there, the color of the feathers varies significantly to the yellow, green and blue color, down to the tips of the wings, which can sometimes be seen even a light purple on certain individuals. Peacock Peacock Among the most beautiful birds should definitely be a majestic peacock on this list, as this is a graceful bird one of the most famous in the world in terms of beauty. With its lofty plumage, consisting of blue and turquoise shades, Peacock - probably one of the most graceful and beautiful large birds in the world. The Scarlet tanager male Scarlet Tanagra can be easily recognized thanks to its bright -Red plumage, black wings and tail, while the female is distinguished by its yellow and olive appearance.

The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Even though it's a pretty little bird, she is well and it is easy to observe.

Find Scarlet tanagers easiest in the wild, especially during springtime. Shirokov hummingbirds
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

As one of the youngest and most beautiful colored birds on the planet Hummingbird popular and beloved.

But Shirokov hummingbird is definitely the most exciting of all, flaunting stunning iridescent shades of blue, which starts on his neck and goes down, covering the chest and abdomen.

On the back the same plumage proceeds to gentle tones of turquoise and green, while dark orange has a sharp black tip. Munia Gould
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Gould finch impression of seemingly random, but very impressive variety of colors. To give you some examples, you can expect to see different shades of blue, purple or pale pink bird on his chest, while her belly and back are shades of yellow and green, respectively.

Other colors may include red, turquoise, black and olive, each of which can be found in various parts of the body Gouldian finch. Rainbow Lorikeet
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

As its name suggests, and a rainbow lorikeet has a myriad of very impressive colors, including blue, purple, yellow, red, orange and green.

Blue is usually determined on the head, while the chest and abdomen flaunt beautiful shades of red-orange and blue, respectively. usually red and green feathers, but many other color combinations can also occur in these extremely beautiful cockatiels. Gurney's pitta
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Since this is an endangered species, Gurney's pitta is very rare to find in the wild.

This magnificent bird of medium size, as in fact was believed to be extinct after 1952, but it was fortunately rediscovered in 1986.

Its plumage is composed of an intricate connection of blue, brown, yellow and black colors that blend smoothly with a great show of natural beauty.

If you want to see Gurney's pitta closely, you'll have to go to Thailand or Myanmar. Northern Cardinal
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

The Northern Cardinal is not only a spectacular view to see, but it is also able to soothe your senses with their beautiful songs.

As with most species of birds, the Northern Cardinal male shows the most colorful and the most luxurious plumage, where red is definitely the most luxurious color them all.

Northern Cardinal body almost completely covered in red, including its beak, but it also has an elegant black mask on his face, which creates an exciting contrast. Large Bird of Paradise
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Unlike some of the other birds, which are represented here, Big Bird, fortunately, is not at risk.

What is clear already by its name - a special big bird from New Guinea, one of the most beautiful in the world. Males are predominant Maroon plumage, addition of more color black on the chest. The head is white, green face and beak is blue. Great, is not it? Golden Pheasant
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Since he lives in the forests of western China, Golden Pheasant is also commonly known as Chinese Pheasant.

This brightly colored exotic bird - a favorite among bird watchers because of its spectacular reddish-orange plumage of the chest, which is complemented by green, blue and yellow shades on the back and wings.

In addition, Golden Pheasant has tangled pattern, including black and yellow on the sides of his head. Atlantic petrel
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Atlantic Puffin - not the most colorful birds on our list, but it may just be the most pleasant.

The back is completely black bird, while her chest and face are white and gray plumage.

Contrasting touch of orange can be found around the eyes and beak, which is a stunning combination of red, yellow and orange.

However, beak Atlantic Puffin painted only during the summer, it is mainly gray during the colder months. The American Goldfinch
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Since American Goldfinch can be easily attracted to feeders, it is often the subject of admiration and a close study of animal lovers and enthusiasts.

Not hard to see why these birds are admired because they have an exciting bright yellow body, orange beak and a series of black and white stripes along all the feathers.Quetzal
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Gorgeous Quetzal comes from the lush forests of Central America.

It is an omnivore, as it eats everything from fruit to insects and even small lizards.

However, apart from a very varied diet, the Quetzal is also one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

Its plumage includes a coat of red on the chest and abdomen, and a stunning array of dark green and light green feathers on the wings and back. Hoopoe
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Hoopoe (Upupa epops) - a very attractive little bird that is easily recognizable because of its similar to the crown of feathers.

The color of its plumage colors include light orange, beige and green, which are mixed together to form a similar band patterns across the back and wings.

As it often happens, one of the rarest in the world Ara also happens to be one of the most beautiful.

Lear's macaw almost completely blue, has a gentle tones of purple near the ends of its wings. Its beak is black, but has a little yellow section of the base, which adds a touch of warmth to the prevailing cold color palette plumage.Kingfisher

Quite surprisingly, the birds evolve over time in order to be able to survive in the wild.

Kingfisher may even catch fish, because it has a very large, heavy and strong red beak. Aside from his obvious skills fisherman,
Kingfisher is also quite beautiful, as it has a superb plumage, consisting of blue, light orange and brown colors. CondorThe most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Even though it is mainly covered with smooth, black feathers, the neck and the head of the California Condor can sometimes have brightly colored skin with excellent purple and pink tones, while the head has a tone of yellow and orange.

This is not the most beautiful bird in our list, but definitely condor has its charms.

It is sad that this kind of critically endangered. Toco ToucanThe most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Toco toucan lives in tropical forests of South America, and is particularly known for its unusually large and colorful beak.

At first you might think that big beak - his weapon, but because of its size and curved shape, beak actually useful in a fight. Fortunately, these cute birds do not often have to fight in the wild, as they prefer to live in tree holes , while their diet involves insects, small lizards and even fruits. King Parrot
The most rare and beautiful birds in the world

Has completed the list to include the magnificent Royal Australian parrot as a little bird in the world can match its magnificent appearance.

The males are brightly colored to attract the attention of women showing their bright red plumage on the head, chest and abdomen, while his back and wings are green.

Females are attracted to its green feathers on the head and chest, while the belly is gorgeous shade of red.The rarest and most beautiful birds in the world

In this post you will see ten most amazing birds in the world who entered the traditional "Top 10".

Certainly worthy of birds - thousands, if not millions, and they are all something stand out, but according to the rules in this section, you can select only ten.

10. Lorisidae parrots. 

These are small, brightly colored (in all colors of the rainbow) parrots that live in Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines.

On these beautiful birdies go strange stories: that every spring they start to fall, forcing the Australians to bear them in veterinary clinic.

9. American Kestrel.

Dwells on the Western Hemisphere, from Canada in the north to the Falkland Islands in the south.

One of the most elegant and small birds of prey.

8. Atlantic Puffin.

These birds nest in groups or colonies on the steep banks of the sea in the North Atlantic.

They feed on small fish and marine invertebrates.

 Its name derives from the credulity of the people. Man badly crippled the population of these birds comely.

7. Crowned Crane.

Lives in West and East Africa.

Very romantic bird.

Courtship may be accompanied by reciprocal dances that include bouncing, dashes, flapping wings, tossing bundles of grass or a shake of the head.

Beauty courtship and appearance of these birds could not get over our "Top 10".

6. Red Cardinal.

Lives primarily in the eastern United States, as well as in the south-eastern Canada and Mexico. 

Colouring male bright crimson, with a black "mask" on his face.

In females predominate color is grayish-brown tones, with reddish feathers on the wings, breast and tuft, with a less pronounced "mask" than the male.

5. Kingfisher.  Widely distributed.

Moves only with the help of wings, as the legs are short and are not intended for long-term displacement.

The plumage of a kingfisher near dim; its brightness is achieved due to the refraction of light feathers. Kingfishers love of solitude, to see them - a rarity. Voice - intermittent squeak "tiip-tiip-tiip."

4. Red Macaw . King parrots.

Despite the magnificent and colorful look at the macaw was a hard fate.

They have long been hunted Indians.

The meat they use for food and feathers - feathers for arrows and adornments.

3. Mandarin. The bird of the family Anatidae.

Her flight fast and maneuverable, it is easy to take off, sometimes almost straight up.

Unlike most ducks, mandarin can often be seen sitting on the branches of trees or on the cliffs.

Hunting is prohibited in the tangerine, she entered into the Red Book of Russia as a rare species.

This duck bred in parks as decorative birds.

2. Paradise tanager.

Lives in eastern Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana and Guyana.

Looks very specific.

Light green with a blue muzzle breast, as if the beard and purple chin can not leave anyone indifferent from who saw this beauty.

1. Peacock.

The only bird in our "Top 10" domesticated by man.

A characteristic feature of the male is a strong development of the upper coverts that might be mistaken for a tail.

Peacocks has long been revered in the East and also cherished them are in the West.

 In Hindu mythology, when Krishna and Radha - two incarnation of the god Vishnu - dance and amuse themselves in the eternal joy of love, they look peacocks.

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Caloenas-nicobarica_1 (568x700, 299Kb)
Nicobar pigeon found on small mostly uninhabited islands that belong to the Nicobar, Andaman and Solomon Islands, as well as in the eastern part of the Malay Archipelago and in Palau.

These birds are also called Nicobar pigeon, and scientists have determined that they are made in the near relatives of Raphinae, extinct subfamily of flightless birds. Here is this beautiful bird:Caloenas-nicobarica_2 (700x700, 368Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_3 (700x465, 177Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_4 (700x418, 167Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_5 (700x678, 409Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_6 (700x512, 308Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_7 (687x700, 267Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_8 (610x700, 228Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_9 (700x623, 325Kb)
Caloenas-nicobarica_10 (700x627, 277Kb)

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