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Thursday, 5 February 2015


Birthplace Spilocuscus (lat. Spilocuscus maculatus), the largest representatives of Australian possums, are eucalyptus and mangrove tropical rainforests of New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Cape York in the north of the Australian mainland. << >> These marsupials animals with sharp claws and long prehensile The tail is very shy and because they are exclusively nocturnal, meeting with them - a rare phenomenon. Due to rounded furry muzzle, small round eyes, yellow nose and tiny, barely visible ears Spilocuscus often compared to monkeys. Do not know how to relate to such cuscuses compared, but their behavior they really resemble monkeys. Like monkeys, Spilocuscus are mostly arboreal lifestyle.During the day they sleep comfortably in a hollow tree, and go for a walk at night in search of prey - insects, reptiles, small birds, moving in the trees with the help of tenacious legs and a long, up to 60 cm, tail barbed on the end. Although these animals are carnivorous marsupials, their main diet is leaves and fruits of plants. Spilocuscus - owners of gorgeous soft coat. Thick fur is painted in bright colors - orange, dark brown, gray or black spots on white or beige background. However, this is only the beauty of nature has endowed males, females leaving a modest gray coat. Although Spilocuscus almost no enemies, he is always ready to repel the attack - in case of danger, he fights off the enemy front paws, but to really scare the intruder, accompanies the fight barking.
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