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Friday, 30 January 2015


Cats look down at all, and to treat others with disdain. And how would you handle it if they were the most perfect creature in the universe?

0253 (500x655, 67Kb)

Cat meets a dwarf. Asks:
- Who are you?
- I - dwarf. Dirty trick people spoiling things, yell at night, do not give sleep.And you?
Cat thought ....
- Then I also dwarf.
funny_cats_32 (700x525, 74Kb)

Guy comes to visit a friend. Sees huge cat extremely vicious kind. Asks:
- A cat can pet?
Another very secular:
- Oh, of course! . . Now only I bring iodine and bandages ...
funny_cats_36 (450x350, 57Kb)

Drunk man after partying back home. Stepping carefully so as not to wake his wife. In the dark, accidentally stepped on a cat. Cat scared screamed. A guy at first taken aback, but then evil and happily shouted:
- That's harmful kotyara! Where have you been? I you in the morning looking for!
funny_cats_49 (500x329, 106Kb)

Cat calls a cat on a date. A cat and said:
- I am very tired. For three weeks there is no water, it is necessary to wash the head master.
funny_cats_53 (599x644, 123Kb)

One lady lived a cat, well, a smart cat, just do not say. So she was upset every day: - Kitty, well, you're so smart, say something! Well, when you start to talk!
They sit once against each other at the table, the hostess gets the same song, saying that the cat would have said something. A cat's mouth opens wide and provides:
- Right now with a piece of the ceiling will collapse!
The hostess and stunned, sitting on cat eyes bulged - and here her on the head as sharahnet thus a piece of plaster from the ceiling!
- Well, - growled the cat - that all "cat, cat Say yes, say", and when I say, this fool is listening.
funny_cats_59 (601x399, 82Kb)

- I've got an unusual cat.
- And what's so unusual about that?
- Here, look at the photos.
- Well, sour cream, birds, mice, fish ... So what?
- Cat photographed!
funny_cats_61 (600x480, 211Kb)

One man had a cat. Cat the cat, the most common. And as befits cats, each cat spent the month of March is not known where, and came home dirty, skinny, mangy!
Man this bothered the adventures of a cat, and he has done over him known operation. But here comes in March, and the cat again disappear from the house, and returned just a month - dirty, hungry and ragged! The owner asks him:
- But now something now that you did there ?!
- I managed! - Proudly answered the cat.
funny_cats_69 (481x700, 285Kb)

Peasant tired cat, and he took it away, but the cat is back ... And so a few times.
Finally the man took it all away and all the way wagged and confusing way.As a result, he lost his way and on his cell from the forest calls home to his wife:
- Ivory come?
- Yes!
- Come on, call the phone that bastard! ..
funny_cats_77 (487x542, 74Kb)

Three cats meet, argue which of them are lazy.
- Yesterday I was lying on the floor and the table sausage fell because I was too lazy to go and eat ...
- And me yesterday hostess saucer of milk supplied under his breath, and I was too lazy lap. ..
- Have you heard yesterday cries? So I imagine it on the egg come. It hurts, but too lazy to lift a paw ...
nnnn295 (400x302, 148Kb)

- Doctor, I have a cat badly scratched.
- Cat beautiful?
- Beauty!
- What did you expect? Bitch, here and scratches.
Screenshot_32 (601x400, 119Kb)

Man down the stairs. Upstairs neighbor keeps a cat in his arms and scream screaming in his ear:
- I want to Lucy of 25 apartments, WANT Lucy from 25 apartments. ..
Man: - A neighbor, why are you yelling cat's ear?
Neighbor: - I can not, but it all night under the window you can !!! ???


Canadian airline lost cats luggage woman flying from Vancouver to Toronto, did not get to their pets, two cats, on board the aircraft - their lost luggage Vancouver International Airport, the TV channel CBC.Sipola Kelly learned that her cat lost when her name was announced before landing with a request to approach the counter administration. She reported that the cat's cage, specially purchased before the trip and approved by the airline, has fallen off the bottom, and her pets, striped red cat Finnigan and a Siamese cat Willow escaped. "I panicked and started to cry. You know, they're not just pets - those who love animals and who have pets know that they are - part of the family "- she said, adding that she had to postpone the flight until her cats are not there. Two days later, on Saturday, October 5, Finnigan was found, however, Willow, cat, according to most of the owner, with a very complex character and is not going to hand to people who have not yet been caught. The hostess had to fly to Toronto without his pet Siamese, and she said that Finnigan "walks around the apartment all the time calling her." A spokesman for the airline said that they were doing everything possible to find the animal and called such an incident is extremely rare. The statement said that all airport employees are in a state of "readiness" and in the search for a missing cat involved absolutely all the staff. Writes-http: //
That's such a sad story. Can anyone of you have seen? Please!) Photo missing supplied)))IMG_9339_resize-300x199 (300x199, 19Kb)

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