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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


We all know that some snakes and insects can be toxic, but have you ever heard anything about the poisonous bird or a turtle? Surprisingly, a number of venomous creatures is very wide, from small insects to mammals, which may not be less toxic. The selection of amazing 7 venomous animals, which we describe in detail
poisonous animals 

Let's start with the ordinary platypus, you probably know what it looks like to hear about it. The platypus looks ridiculous and stupid, and you can not even imagine that it is dangerous - ordinary house cat looks more menacing. Believe it or not, but the platypus has a spur on the back foot, jetted poison.A dose of poison can kill small dog and cause severe pain in humans. There were several cases of serious human consequences of the meeting and the platypus - venom causes severe swelling, spreading throughout the body, accompanied by terrible pain. In contrast to the poisonous insects or reptiles, the platypus toxin is actually used in order to establish dominance over the breeding season, but not for the purpose of catching the prey or defend themselves. We have already mentioned in previous topics about this unusual animal (see the topic platypus )
Toxic can also be a little bird - Pitohui or Pitohu. This is the first recorded bird poison. Lives Pitohu in New Guinea, and the poison gets your eating the same food that some poisonous frogs and beetles.Neurotoxin found in the skin of the bird causes intense numbness or tingling pain in the one who touches the bird
Amazing animals, which I heard for the first time in person - slow loris. It is also called the slow loris - perhaps this is one of the most amazing animals in the world, but at the same time, it is quite toxic, and can deliver a lot of problems. While the toxin, which they use mainly used to protect themselves and the young, there were several fatal cases in humans. However, they happened all because of anaphylactic shock, not because of the poison itself. Lori weak toxin in humans, it can cause a small tumor and allergy
slow loris
Next on the list of unusual poisonous animals located box turtle. Box turtles - a fairly shy animals, live mostly in the United States, where they are also popular pets. Turtle called box-shaped, because they can almost completely hiding in their shells. If you eat a turtle, can be very poisoned because poisonous mushroom in their diet.
box turtle
Shrew - insectivorous mammal similar to a mouse. Several species of shrews produce a poison that can stop pretty much booty. Held several sociological studies, where people have reported extreme pain along with redness and swelling, which lasted for days. Shrews bite even the horses, and then the horses were covered with horrible blisters. People lose the ability to move in a few hours after the bite, which was accompanied by a serious shooting pain. So it's a small and seemingly harmless animal not just fall into our list of " Venomous Animals "
Another mammal which you will surely hear the first time. It SOLENODON - the only mammal that can introduce the poison through particularly arranged teeth like fangs of a snake. SOLENODON tops the list of endangered species, so that people should not be afraid of him, and he people
At the last place is the fish - catfish. According to research by students at Michigan State University, 1250 species of fish can be poisonous. Yad they need to protect against natural enemies, but many fishermen complained painful burning sensation upon contact with catfish. Her nerve toxin poisoning by killing red blood cells, which is accompanied by severe pain, seizures and breathing problems. But the consequence is not the bite and subsequent infection after being bitten
lancet fish

I also note that these creatures stand out is its singularity, nothing dangerous of them should be expected.
Bigpikcha make the next selection of the best photographs of animals in the past week. Let's digress from everyday problems and see how the last week of our smaller brethren.

Two cubs, Alisha (left) and Dragan, first met each other at the zoo in Eberswalde, Germany. (© AFP)Performance of dolphins during a show on the occasion of International Women's Day in Minsk. (© Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko) bat hanging in a cave in Mikulov, Czech Republic. (© AFP) bee collecting pollen in spring in Timmendorf, Germany. (© EPA) Stork stood on the back of his friend in the German commune Bibeskhaym Rhein. (© EPA) Marine Biology Aquarium South Carolina nursed a rare 200-kilogram leatherback sea turtle washed ashore on Saturday, March 7. (© Reuters) Chow on the fourth and last day of the exhibition "Craft" at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. (© Carl Court / Getty Images)A huge gator seems to feel at home on the golf course in Englewood, Florida, USA. Reptile length of about 3.5-4 meters was on the golf course, which hosted the women's tournament. (© EPA) Dolphins swim near the boat off the coast of San Diego. (© AP) Chameleon hit the shot photographer in Madagascar. (© Winfried Schafer / Alamy) Coyote standing on the frozen Hudson River, New York. (© Tom Bushey / Alamy) black-backed jackal with your puppy in the Masai Mara, Kenya. (© Rex Features) Golden Monkey in Hubei Province, China.(© Rex Features) Bi boar pressed to his mother in Ravensburg, Germany. (© Corbis) A pair of white-tailed eagles staged a battle for a meal in the sky in Poland. (© Barcroft Media) Hummingbird gathering nectar in a nature reserve Asa Wright in Arima, Trinidad and Tobago. (© Barcroft Media) Blackheads Munia on Bintan Island, Indonesia. (© Corbis) Man gesturing, standing in front of a crocodile nicknamed Justin Bieber on the banks of the Rio Grande in Costa Rica.Tourists visit the river to see these animals, which can reach seven meters in length, in their natural habitat. (© AFP) The family of lions in the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. (© AP) Breakfast buffet with an abundance of fruits and vegetables for the elephants to celebrate the National Day of elephants in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, Thailand. (© Reuters) Polar bear cub, born November 26, 2014, spending time in the fresh air March 9, 2015 next to his mother in the exhibition park Marinelend, Antibes, France. (© AFP) saltwater crocodile named Tong eating chicken in the Wilhelma zoo in Stuttgart, southern Germany. (© AFP)

This animal, which is called "Magic Rabbit" is found only in some mountainous regions of China, and is extremely rare. By the way, last representative of this species was seen in the distant 1983. According to scientists in nature there are not more than 1,000 individuals. The scientific name of this nyashi or Ili Ili Pika pika.

Rare photos of dying Ili pika

Rare photos of dying Ili pika

Rare photos of dying Ili pika

In this article, we will focus on two different Australians, one which helps to survive kenguryatam orphaned, and the second penguin chicks warm. The story began in the early two thousand and five.Australian resident Chris Barnes picked up the orphaned kangaroos and brought them to his home and began to care for them. Kangaroo Chris put in navolokchi in the bag. So happened, Chris picked orphaned kangaroos and cared for them until they grow up. In order to establish a rescue center Chris Barnes few years cleaned the buses and put tile. When accumulated the required amount, he opened the rescue center kangaroo. At home, he was nicknamed "Kangaroo Dundee." Like all kids love the warmth and kenguryata moloko.Odnovremenno Chris looks after 30 young kangaroo. The handbags, wrapped in swaddling clothes kenguryata feel comfortable. Once Chris was invited by BBC to take part in the film Kangaroo salvation. There is support for people transferring funds to help the center, which helped to expand it to Chris. Lifestyle remained the same, solitary. All Chris also takes care of kenguryatah. In general, "kenguryatnik" kangaroo each wrapped in its own bag. The first acquaintance with the adult kangaroo. The second remarkable Australian at the age of one hundred and nine years, warms the penguin chicks, knits clothes for them. This action began in two thousand thirteenth year, public organizations appealed to the people of Australia to help the penguins. Oil spills and other negative impacts of environmental pollution led to the penguins began to freeze and die. Alfred Date, 109 years Day by day old knitting plain, but warm sweaters baby penguins. This action did not cause many confidence in its success, but nonetheless so it was rescued about thirty two thousand penguins. ...




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