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Tuesday, 19 May 2015


For hundreds of years in the south-west coast of Sri Lanka's population of five species of sea turtles.Unfortunately, because of the merciless extermination of their people, the number of these animals is reduced dramatically. Despite that local residents are not excluded turtle eggs from their diet and from the shells of these animals do not stop to produce a variety of products. In order to somehow fix the critical situation in the country began to create special centers that are engaged in the preservation of populations of these animals. As an example we can take one of these organizations - "Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery", which started to work in 1986. During the existence of the snail farm in the ocean has been released, even by the most conservative estimate, about half a million sea turtles. Particular attention is drawn to the most affected type of Hawksbill. Visitors to the center can see the turtle is not only adults, but also very small turtles, which barely managed to get out of the shell. On the farm they will spend no more than three days and then be released into the ocean. They live here as well and suffered for various reasons turtle. Employees of the center include them in special tanks, which will serve as their home until they are cured. See on the farm and can be adult turtles that play a role in the basins of the exhibits. After the creation of such organizations many locals who previously sold turtle eggs to restaurants now carry them to the farm. Perhaps thanks to the joint efforts of all these people in the near future the situation with the number of sea turtles will improve significantly. Source

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