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Sunday, 10 May 2015


In the mountain forests of Central America, located at an altitude of more than 1300 m above, the sea level is living one of the most beautiful birds of the planet - the quetzal. Imagine a dove, but with an unusual color - a golden-green back and the same wings, breast and fluffy red, the same color, forelock.Flight of the Quetzal impresses, is so strong that even the ancient Mayans considered lucky to see this bird. However, unfortunately, because of the constant destruction of the local mountain forests, Quetzal population is decreasing every year. Quetzal, a small but very beautiful bird. Its length including the tail does not exceed 35 centimeters. Its main wealth is variegated and tail, or rather 2 nadhvostnyh long feather length reaches and sometimes exceeds the length of the body of the bird. Most of the time Quetzal carried high in the trees, and equips nest to forage. They feed mostly - fruit Okoth who swallow whole. Also eat insects, tree frogs, snails and lizards. These birds nests equip high in abandoned hollows.Equip them to both partners. The female lays two to four eggs. And the birds take turns incubating the clutch. Hatching process takes a little more than 2 weeks. Then together they feed their young on insects, and then pieces of fruit, frogs, snails and lizards. After 20 days, the chicks grow and fully fledge. Then they begin to produce their own food. In Latin, this bird is called famaromakus Maupin.Maya in the distant past considered this sacred bird. Her golden-green feathers were for them more than gold, and were allowed to wear them as jewelery exclusively chiefs and priests. In those days, no half-meter tail feathers of Quetzal can not do any decorating palaces or royal crowns. And to this day is called the bird "flying treasure." As if realizing the incredible value of their plumage, the quetzal, building the nest, making it two inputs in order not to crush the royal feathers. In one entry, he "is" and the other is his exit. So it is also a great architect. But quetzal famous not only for its exquisite beauty.Above all, this freedom-loving bird - no one has ever been able to keep it in captivity. They say that once one of the former presidents of Guatemala Ubico, willed to have a live Quetzal. When the cage with a bird was taken to the palace of the dictator, it turned out that she was dead. Freedom-loving quetzal simply can not live in captivity, so it symbolizes the Guatemalans love of freedom. As a symbol of its kind, the picture is Quetzal on the arms and the national flag of Guatemala. Even money this small republic decorated with the image of the magnificent birds and called Ketsana. Gave the bird and the name of the second most populous city in the country Quetzaltenango. Quetzal in Guatemala is under the protection of the law and is listed in "Red Book".

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