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Saturday, 9 May 2015


They say that how a person deals with other people can be judged by how it treats its animals. Also, there is a saying that an eccentric man can be judged by the type of his pet. Below is a list of ten celebrities and their exotic pets. Can you draw a parallel between pets and their famous owners ... Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson) - White Bengal Tigers in the late '80s, when Mike Tyson was almost unbeatable in the realm of boxing, a young Brooklyn boxer felt the king on top of the world . He had a Bentley, big mansions, mink coats, and he met with the famous models of the time, such as Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell). When you live on a grand scale, you simply can not be ordinary pets. Tyson's pets have been rare white Bengal tigers - three, to be exact, and each of them has managed him 70 000 dollars. One would assume that at its disposal there were other, more useful ways to spend all that money, he raked.It is also important to take into account the welfare of animals. Majestic animals like Bengal tigers deserves to live freely in the wild. Life on a leash in the backyard of a celebrity does not seem to be suitable for this noble creature. Megan Fox (Megan Fox) - pot-bellied pig Megan Fox is certainly one of the most attractive young actresses working in Hollywood today. Recently, she began to get very good roles in blockbusters like "Transformers" and one of the hits of the summer, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." In the privacy of sexual Megan Fox becoming more relaxed and at home. She has two children with her ​​husband Brian Austin Green (Brian Austin Green) and she is a great lover of animals. In addition to several dogs, birds and squirrels, Fox actually contained sweet vislobryuhuyu Vietnamese pig, Piggy Smalls (Piggy Smalls), which she later had to give. Fox said that Smalls find another home because of the "living conditions and obligations under the". French Montana (Karim Harbouch) - the monkey must pay tribute to Karim Harbouchu. This rapper from Brooklyn quickly transformed into one of the best rappers in the show business. And his success came after he spent several years reading for the underground rap scene in New York. At the moment he meets Chloe Kardashian (Khloe Kardashian) and recently bought a house for $ 5 million, which it contains two tigers and a monkey. In an interview with «Complex», he spoke about his pet monkey named Julius (Julius Ceasor) and noted that the pet was a gift for his birthday from the rapper from Las Vegas named Mally Mall (Mally Mall). This monkey is very charming and cute, we just hope that her rich and occupied by the owner pays her enough care and love. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) - kinkajou (Kinkajou) kinkajou this lovely mammal of tropical forest, which lives mainly in Central and South America. It is sometimes called "honey bear", and it certainly is not the animal that you would expect to see as a pet for a Hollywood debutante. Paris Hilton is one of these animals, and she called him Babe Love (Baby Luv). Her unusual pet got the news in 2006 when he apparently seriously bitten by Paris Hilton. But since then, it seems that they have established relationships and Babe Love is in good health and is an integral part of life in the Hilton. George Clooney (George Clooney) - pot-bellied pig , George Clooney finally settled down with his new wife Alamuddin Amal (Amal Alamuddin ). However, before the longest relationship in which he was involved imposing actor may have been a favorite of his 136-pound pig named Max. Clooney was the proud owner of a pig for 18 years and is very attached to her, but she unfortunately died in 2006. In the press there were reports that he had so much loved Max, sometimes they even sleep together in one bed. Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart) - a hybrid of a wolf and a dog Kristen Stewart earned a lot of money thanks to the starring role in the hugely successful "Twilight" , which depicted the conflict between vampires and werewolves. Perhaps this is the reason why pet Kristen Stewart is a magnificent hybrid wolf and dog.Stewart's mother bred these wonderful creatures and the most Kristen is one of these animals - a beautiful hybrid of a wolf and a dog named Jack (Jack). During her last visit to "Late Show with David Letterman" Jack she described as "cute" pet, and also noted that she is preparing food for him. Vanilla Ice (Vanilla Ice) - vallaru (Wallaroo) There are very few rappers who for his life experienced so many ups and downs like Vanilla Ice. His first hit in 1990 under the name «Ice Ice Baby» was the first rap song, which hit the top of the musical tables. Since then laughed at him as a rapper on the one-day, he suffered a serious breakdown directly to cable television, he tried his hand in the career of rap-rock artist, and even achieved success as a leading television program. With such an interesting life, it is understandable that he should be rather unusual animals and some of them are vallaru named Bucky Buckaroo (Bucky Buckaroo), as well as a goat named Pancho (Pancho). Kirstie Alley (Kirstie Alley) - lemurs If you You do not know what the lemur, then you are lucky because you know it today. Lemur is a small primate with big cute eyes, who lives mainly on the island of Madagascar. The name comes from the Roman word meaning "ghost" or "spirit." Lemurs are known as animal nocturnal and moving rather slowly. Often scandalous actress was the owner of three lemurs hand, and she apparently loves them so much that even make them the beneficiaries in his will. Salvador Dali (Salvador Dali) - anteater We have to go back a little in time to tell you about it wonderful eccentric artist and his highly unusual pet. The artist Salvador Dali is considered a genius of the 20th century. He was one of the founders of the art movement known as Surrealism, and he also has a remarkable skill in maintaining its popularity due to the unusual and eccentric lifestyle that he led. For example, in the late 60s for Dali it was common to walk the streets of Paris with his hand anteater. How it was cool? Look at the picture and you will understand everything. Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) - handmade kangaroo Apparently, "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" is also very fond of animals. Besides the fact that he made ​​all the girls swoon on his sexy voice and the obscene dance moves in his heart also had a lot of love for his pet kangaroo. Charming marsupial was given to him by his agent Gordon Lee (Lee Gordon). According to reports, Elvis was deeply attached to the kangaroo, but in the end decided to give him to the zoo Memphis (Memphis Zoo). Source: ...

What kind of man can tame the animals and make them their pets? Yes, very different - crocodiles, lions, deer, etc. They walk with them through the streets like a dog. Imagine how surprised their neighbors when they see a crocodile on a leash. The photos of the most unusual pets.
unusual pets


And you have a pet?


These cute tiny creatures bring joy into your life for years to come. Petauridae very loyal, playful and can be taught many tricks, and this makes them one of the best exotic pet for single people and families with older children. Bad news? In the cell, you do not ban, so as soon decided to get a pet, get ready for what will have to frequently clean up his "little gifts" around the house.


If you do not mind not very pleasant smell and the fact that your pet will live a maximum of eight years, get a ferret. This is an interesting pet will entertain you, he loves to play, though, and loves to chew things and even steal, plus it is easy to accustom to the tray.

 Bearded dragons

These strange reptile is very popular right now, so if you do like reptiles, consider this option. Bearded dragons are not only known for their bright colors and shaggy "beard", as his throat, but his playfulness and friendliness. Yes, this reptile is very active, and you have to comply


These cute, furry mammals are so popular, they have not even considered as "exotic"! Would you believe me if I tell you that these cuties were originally used as an object for the experiments in the laboratory? Yes, it is terribly sad, I know! Even laboratory staff are not able to resist their charm indescribable! If you think about how to make gerbil, best plants once a couple, they can not stand alone! Do not worry, little care they require, eat nuts and cereal mixes, which can be purchased at any pet store.


Soft like a plush toy, a chinchilla is definitely one of the best kinds of exotic pets! These rodents love to be the center of attention and can become sad if you do not give them the love and attention they deserve. So if you have a busy lifestyle better rewound two chinchillas once, so they do not get bored.Chinchillas love to play and quickly attached to the host. If you properly care for your furry friend, he will live up to 20 years!

 Hermit crab

These crustaceans are very inter6esny and unpretentious care, but require control because love to travel and explore everything in your path. Cancers hermits are nocturnal, which means that your pet will have a rest during the day. Interesting fact: this is no ordinary crabs, keep this in mind. They like to settle in empty shells, and carry them along like snails. So you will have a lot of options at home for your pet!


If you do not think that the fox house - it's too much, I will tell you about these funny creatures. One of the first and the cutest things you'll notice - it is unusually long, funny, ears, ears like Yoda. In addition, these foxes are easily trained and tamed. Well, who exactly do you choose? As for me, I like most petauridae - in the photo, because I did not live to see never, and do not even know if you can buy them in Europe. But if you can - I'll definitely buy it!

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