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Sunday, 12 July 2015


Songbirds do not care what others think about their romance on the side of  Canaries - monogamous birds. This does not prevent, and males and females from time to time to change the partner. But it turns out the traitors do not care what others think about it. Biologists at the University of Paris West - Nanterre la Défense checked how witnesses react to male canaries, flirting with a casual acquaintance. An article on the study appeared in the scientific online journal PLoS ONE. To have a secret affair canary harder than a man. Its existence is like living in a house with glass walls. Humor give songs, so each on each form (or, more precisely, at the hearing): birds live compactly and sing loud enough to be heard by all stakeholders. Trills, whistles and drums knee carry clear meaning, clear and other canaries, and scientists: the commencement or threat, ready to attack or try to please. 

The experiment drew this situation to the limit. The space where the drama played out kanareechi are a pair of cells, set side-by-side - "auditorium" and "chill." The "visiting room" male and female unknown to him for half an hour watching each other through the bars and talking. Then the experimenters removed the barrier for 10 minutes, opening the possibility for physical contact.

Meanwhile, place in the "auditorium" seated female partner (with which the male has managed to conceive a baby birds) or just a familiar female. And sometimes the "auditorium" intentionally left blank.Biologists had a calculator in hand to listen to audio and estimate the proportion of different sounds. All attempts to canaries to have sex, and without witnesses, too, they were carefully counted. It was found that most readily canary males flirt without witnesses, at least - in the presence of a female friend, and even more rarely - in front of a permanent partner. From a human point of view it is easy to understand. In place of the canaries we have weighed the pros and cons. But birds such behavior is dictated by instinct rather than reasoning. So, remorse for cheating are hard-coded in the brain - and it seems that evolution had good reason.
These home passerine birds native to the Canary Islands. Here, as well as in the Azores and Madeira, located in the Atlantic Ocean, wild canaries live in the woods and forests on the slopes of the local mountains at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, settle in gardens and parks. In Europe, the bird island came in the XVI century. Fascinated by their Spanish and Portuguese trills organized trade in these birds and has long held a monopoly on it. And the name of "canaries" went, respectively, from the name of the islands. Incidentally, Islas Canarias in Spanish literally means "dog of the island." Externally wild canaries different from domesticated. They are smaller - 12-14 cm in length, while their relatives room can reach 22 centimeters. In males, green with black dashes back, yellow breast and white belly. The plumage of the female is paler.Stay in captivity changed the color of canaries: the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries in living cells green birds to the surprise of the owners of the chicks were born with pure yellow feathers. And later it was removed, and numerous species, including curly, crested, humpback. Change in domestic and singing canaries. Kanarovodom teach their pets, lifting them nightingales, larks, buntings, tits and other songbirds, they played the flute and organ is special, and then fastened by breeding birds skills. As a result, there have been several different breeds of canaries singing data.

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