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Friday, 28 November 2014


In the world there are many unusual breeds of dogs, the representatives of which are not so easy to find in the yard or park. Some of the species are on the verge of extinction, have the status of exotic or just extremely rare.
You can appreciate 27 most unusual and unique breeds.

1.  The Tibetan Mastiff

In the past and even today, these adorable fur balls are used for the protection of monasteries and households in Tibet. Thick wool and weight from 45 to 70 kg allow dogs of this breed survive the harsh winters of Central Asia.

2.  Dandy Dinmont Terrier

This lovely breed was developed in Scotland during the 18th century and is a cross between a Skye Terrier and the Scottish Terrier. Frisky dog ​​with short legs perfectly performs duties for positions catcher badgers. Currently Dandie Dinmont Terriers are extremely rare: a year in clubs registered only about a hundred representatives of the breed.

3.  Leonberger

This furry beast - a cross between the Newfoundland, St. Bernard and Pyrenean Mountain Dog.Leonberger Males can weigh about 80 kg. According to legend, they were withdrawn such that resemble lions with the coat of arms of the city Lionberg in Germany. After World War II, the world had only eight such lovely giants.

4.  The Portuguese Water Dog

This breed is known for its ability to perfectly curls and swim. Originally, these dogs were bred in Portugal, and perform a variety of important functions: look after fish in the networks, the state of the gear and also served as couriers to deliver mail from ship to ship. In 1930 the breed was on the verge of extinction, while one wealthy Portuguese businessman started their breeding program.Nevertheless, to date water dog remains extremely rare species.

5.  Little lion dog (lёvhen)

Lowchen translated from German as "young lion". This is one of the rarest species on the planet, and its history dates back to 1442. Elegant and devoted the lion dogs, constant companions of the elite of France and Germany, can often be seen on historical paintings and tapestries.

6.  The Brussels Griffon (small Belgian dog)

This dog is a descendant of the Belgian small terriers, used to hunt rodents. Griffins affectionate, charming, inquisitive and is known for its almost human expression. World War II almost completely destroyed this breed and the end of the Second World War in Belgium, there was not one such dog. Currently, this breed is considered to be extremely rare.

7.  New Guinea singing dog

Known as the "singing" or "dog of the Stone Age", this breed is in complete isolation of about 30 thousand years until it was discovered in the mountains of Papua New Guinea in 1950. As becomes clear from the title, these dogs love to sing, gathering in small flocks, they arrange these concerts, howling in different voices. Beyond the natural habitat there are only about 100 animals dogs New Guinea. Since the domestication of this species is not yet fully completed, these dogs are not recommended for living as a pet in the general population.

8.  Sholoittskuintli (Mexican Hairless Dog)

Three thousand years of history of the breed sholoittskuintli traced to the ancient civilizations of Mexico. Being tamed rather quickly and easily, naked dogs became a great companion to man in the hunt and the home. Lack of hair gives them an advantage for the existence in hot conditions, and the image of bald dogs found in works of art of the Aztecs and Toltecs.

9.  The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Czechoslovakian Wolfdog)

Wolfdog - breed as close to a real wolf. These dogs were bred in 1955 by crossing German Shepherds and wolves. Being the same docile and friendly as German Shepherds, Wolfdogs retained their wolf wildlife and feel like members of the flock.

10.  Bergamo Shepherd

Especially for herding fields in the Alps, this breed was bred, wherein a thick skin, do not tend to moult and requires no special care. Bergamo Shepherd incredibly obedient, observant and patient.Selflessly devoted to his master, these impressive giants are sometimes extremely shy in the company of strangers.

11.  The small Petit Basset Griffon

Petit Basset last deserve the glory great helper French aristocrats on the hunt. Currently, representatives of this breed are considered some of the best companions for humans. Incidentally, the length of the eccentric dogs at 50% greater than their height.

12.  Lancashire Hiller

Seeing this charming beast, many might guess that he is a mestizo Corgi and the Manchester Terrier. Hiller has pronounced herding instinct, like their ancestors, but no less good and it as a good family member.

13.  Moody

Rare Hungarian sheepdog Moody becomes a real treasure for any host. These dogs are extremely friendly, strong, fast and smart. One of the notable features is that they are similar to Moody sheep wavy coat.

14.  Russian Toy Terrier

Until 1990, the Russian one was considered so elite breeds that its representatives did not export outside of Russia. Having 20-25 cm at the withers and 2-3 kilograms of weight, these graceful little creatures have a lean physique and a nice long curls behind the ears.

15.  The Caucasian Shepherd Dog

If you are concerned about problems with bears, you just find yourself standing caucasian shepherd dog. With a weight of 50-90 kg, these giants have also remarkable intellect, which allows them to easily protect the herds and their owners in Georgia.

16.  Swedish valhaund

The so-called "Viking Dog" already exists on the Earth over a millennium. Originally trained valhaundov graze livestock in Scandinavia, fish parasites and keep the house, scaring the intruders his deceptively ferocious barking. Centuries of domestication have turned them into loving, affectionate dogs that tend to human attention and praise.

17.  The Slovak sheepdog

Born defender and a shepherd, sheepdog Slovenian able to provide security for all life that was entrusted to him to guard. Despite the relatively harmless form of "Fuzzy", these dogs have very muscular, powerful body.

18.  Neapolitan Mastiff

Do not pay attention to the ominous form of mastiff - in fact, this dog is 70 kg of pure love. The representatives of this species were discovered over 2,000 years ago in only one very small region of Campania, which is located in the South of Italy. In the past - the heroes of the Roman arenas, mastiffs now serve in the police, army and intelligence, where they show themselves simply irreplaceable collaborators.

19.  Bedlington Terrier

No, not in front of you lamb. Surprisingly, such a cute dog armed with incredibly powerful jaws that serve them to hunt rodents and even fights with their neighbors. Before dog fighting was outlawed are claimed, playboy beldingtonskie Terriers took active part in them. Now representatives of this breed tend to instill a little more friendliness towards other dogs, so each individual needs careful training.

20.  Bouvier des Flandres

Originally, this breed is output as a working dog for Belgian monks. Get more spread over time, Bouvier showed their hand in the service of a great man during the world wars, successfully finding the wounded and helping pull stalled ambulance. Legend has it that one of the dogs of this breed once bitten Hitler.

21.  Otterhound

In the UK, the 19th century Otterhound actively used to hunt otters. Later, when the population of otters began to rapidly decline, the same was to happen with this breed. Currently in the world there are about 1,000 individuals Otterhound.

22.  Catahoula Leopard Dog

The first breed, bred in North America, leopard, used for hunting and herding. As becomes clear from the name, their color is a "patchwork" of bright spots. Catahoula have a reputation for incredibly friendly creatures.

23.  Swedish laphund

Laphundy shepherds duties performed in the vast Lapland for thousands of years, protecting herds of deer. Now, this breed is extremely rare, for example, in the United States reported approximately 5-10 such dogs.

24.  Saluki

Saluki - one of the oldest rocks on the planet. The history of these dogs more than one thousand years. Their beauty was an object of veneration in ancient Egypt, and the Saluki-pets were mummified pharaohs in the pyramids together with the hosts. In Muslim countries, these dogs, unlike all others of their relatives, have not received the status of "unclean animals".

25.  The Karelian Bear Dog

In their homeland in Finland this kind of hunting dogs is considered a national treasure. As the name implies, they are used for hunting bears. Their task - to draw attention to a wild animal, while the hunter sneaks up to him. Reared Laika is a real good friend to man and loving family member.

26.  Katalburun

This unusual dog little known outside of Turkey. Split nose, characteristic only for the three species in the world, makes katalburuna successful hunter.

27.  Chinese crested dog

On the body of the Chinese Crested is no fur, except for the feet, head and tail. But the lack of fluffiness they more than compensate for their charm, agile and playful. These dogs are very well agree with people - especially with children. In the cold and the hot season, it is important to provide for these exotic animals special conditions, because they lack the moult.

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