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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Popular breeds

About the most popular breeds that are most often chosen as a pet.


Beagle or Beagle, known as sweet and curious dog. Beagles come in different colorings, tricolor, red and white and lemon.Beginning with the 1900 Bigley used for hunting small animals like foxes and rabbits. The dog is very often mentioned in books, films and flashes in the comics, there are also famous Beagle in pop culture.

Bulldog is known for his wrinkled face, which looks so unusual and cute that like literally everything. Bulldog - one of the most recognizable dog breeds. Families like to start this breed as a pet, because the Bulldogs have a gentle nature and minimal need for care and walks.

Dachshunds were bred in Germany, specifically in order to root out badgers from their underground lair. This dog has short legs, as well as a long and strong body. Nowadays people are in need of such dogs as household companions.
German shepherd

The German Shepherd is often used in the service of the border guards and the military, but there may be a distinct breed for home. German Shepherd was bred in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1899. After German named Rin-Tin-Tin became a star in Hollywood and starred in more than 20 films, the breed has become even more popular.
Golden Retriever

Retriever breed was first bred in Scotland, people often used it for hunting. But in 1800, Lord Tvidmut had experience with crossing the yellow retriever with the now extinct Tviduoterskim spaniel, and then added the Irish Setter and Snoop, resulting in a current Golden Retriever. This is a very friendly family pet.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador is popular for his devotion to the man, and it is - the most popular breed of dog in the world for 23 years. Labrador was once used by fishermen, helping to drive the fish into nets. Roots breed dogs come from Newfoundland, but in this form it was bred in America.

Rottweilers are always happy to work and walks. Work for them is to protect the family home, foster embodiment law enforcement, or to serve in the search and rescue teams. They have muscular bodies and aggressive appearance, but in fact it is domestic breeds.
Yorkshire Terrier

In the 19th century Yorkshire terrier was used to hunt rats in the factories of England. But nowadays Yorkshire Terrier is a symbol of belonging to a host of high society. This dog is too much that is also a plus - breed can start in small spaces.

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