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Saturday, 1 November 2014


Bring to your attention some of the best photos taken in or near the ocean: migration of crabs, interesting marine inhabitants, extraordinary underwater meetings - all from the best photographers of animals with their kommenatriyami. (Total 28 photos)
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1 Spotted dolphins, Bahamas. Photographer comment: "At night, spotted dolphins swim from the shores of the Little Bahama Bank into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream in search of food. One night, the ship's captain, Jim Abernethy noticed a small group of dolphins swimming near the prow. We switch off the engine, including searchlights and jumped into the water. Using manual focus range and the flash, I was able to make this unusual frame. "(Andrew Sallmon / Nature's Best Photography)

2 "This little girl - one of many that environmentalists on a remote beach in Costa Rica to help get to the ocean. Leatherback turtles - a rare species in the eastern waters of the Pacific Ocean, and this baby - a symbol of hope for the future of this species, "- says the photographer Jason Bradley. (Jason Bradley / Nature's Best Photography)

3 hammerhead sharks, Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Photographer's comment: "This shark slowly drifted along the reef known as Alcyone. Her left eye is looking toward other sharks, when I did this shot, hiding in the recess at the bottom. I was fortunate not only that I did such a good picture, but also in the fact that I did not see the shark.
4 Polar Bears, Cape Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Comments Photographer: In late November, polar bears were on the west side of Hudson Bay to wait out the formation of ice, so that they could return to their own territory. While waiting for the bears frequent contact with each other in various forms of violent fights to gentle games. This photo was taken from the back deck of the ship Arctic.
5 Gorbach, gulls and sand lance, Marine Reserve Massachusetts. Comments Photographer: Every season, my wife and Anna go on a journey on a ship from which to watch the whales. In late spring there is a great opportunity to see humpback whales feeding. Usually flock of seagulls warns that the whale is about emerges to the surface, bringing with it a pack of gerbils. This humpback uses lower jaw to pull the fish and seagulls arrow rush down to grab a piece of the pie, sometimes flying in millimeters from the mouth of a whale.
6 Kalmar Reef Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Comments Photographer: Returning from the reef after a night of swimming, my flashlight caught the bright reflection. I swam to the spot and came face to face with this beautiful inquisitive squid. He is to pose to me, turned to pose again, went down to pose again, then began to carefully inspect my camera flash lens. I noticed that the light from my camera as if it illuminates from within.
7 Sunset Ekol Reserve, near Cannon Beach, Oregon. Comments Photographer: Leaving the surf on the beach left a lot of starfish. I touched them deep orange and purple hue and how they came to sunset color and texture of the rocks.
8 in Cannon Beach, Ekol Reserve, Oregon. Comments Photographer: Outgoing tide left a whole football field of sand between the ocean and me.Sand was like mirror. I wanted to capture the full range of colors and a sense of abstraction without unnecessary items.
9 Blue eel, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Photographer's comment: This amazing view can be found in the sandy gravel Gulf Lembeh. Find eel away from the reef is very unusual. This, for example, sailed to me, and I have not had time to set up the camera, and I just pushed the button. Turned out to be surprisingly gorgeous frame. I was at the right time in the right place!
10 Pacific manta Revillagigedos Islands, Mexico. Comments Photographer: winter many species of sharks and rays going around the islands Revillagigedos. Manta spontaneously in contact with the divers. Collision with being face to face is simply unforgettable!
11 Hawaiian katalufa, Canary Islands, Spain. Comments Photographer: air bubble formed in an underwater cave, a mirror image. It took me almost an hour to choose the right song.
12 Blue Reef octopus, Philippines. Photographer's comment: Blue Reef Octopus cephalopod very smart, knows how to use various tools. It uses the empty shells as shelter and protection. When I approached him with his flashlight, he immediately closed his shell.
13 Starfish Assad National Park, Maine. Photographer's comment: As precious stones, starfish, too hard to find. They are shown patient photographers of animals only during spring tide in the coastal zone. At other times, to look at them, you need special equipment.
14 green sea turtle, Tenerife, Kanasrskie Islands, Spain. Photographer's comment: Take in the shallow water was quite difficult, because the sun was very bright. I decided to take a picture when the sun will be a turtle. I often returned to this place, but no picture was not better than this.
15 Black skimmer, beach Nickerson Beach, Long Island, New York. Comments Photographer: Nickerson Beach washed away after the recent tide. I came here at dawn and found this cutwater for feeding.
16 Diver at sunset in Monterey, California. Photographer's comment: To be honest, I did not plan this picture. That night I thought about the other pictures, but when my friend entered the water, I looked at him and saw the silhouette. I did not even think that this image will be so beautiful.
17 Large barracuda, Vitu Islands, Papua New Guinea. Comments Photographer: 1.5-meter barracuda showed typical for their curiosity, swam under my boat. In this picture the fish swims past me, and on top you can see the sky and the light from the boat
18 Grey seals, Donna Nook Nature Reserve, North Somersots, Lincolnshire, England. Photographer's comment: I've noticed this cutie, photographing a group of seals on a sandy tree. He scratched the face of artichoke, and in this picture looks as if he's hiding in embarrassment.
19 surfer on the beach in North Carolina. Comments Photographer: Local surfers often gather on the pier God Banks to catch the wave, but the day was getting late, and there was nobody. The sun was setting, and the reflections in the water seemed to me incredible. Until I installed the equipment, the last surfer already out of the water, and I quickly took a few shots to capture the serenity of the moment.
20 Flying Fish, Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Comments Photographer: Flashlights my vessel attract flying fish that glide over the surface of the water with incredible speed. But this guy was swimming under water, wings spread.
21 Tern and sea turtle, the island of San Miguel, Azores, Portugal.Photographer's comment: During the voyage I saw a tern, which was floating as if on a log. As you move, I realized that the smartest bird riding on a turtle. I took this picture for a moment before the tern flew.
22 Thorny seahorse, Red Sea, Israel. Photographer comment: "These two ridge looked at each other before the female laid eggs in the male, so he fertilized and protected them before birth. I was lucky to make this picture.
23 minke whale, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Comments Photographer: A moment after the whale swam to the surface, he again went down and swam in my direction. I froze. Whale swam in 3 steps away from me, and then dove down.
24 parrotfish, Kuredu House Reef, Maldives. Kommenatrii Photographer: Floating night snorkeling near the island Kuredu in the Maldives, I met this amazing parrotfish, resting among the rocks. I made a couple of shots, because he did not want to startle her or to attract the attention of other predators.
25 Adelie Penguins Flying Island, Antarctica. Comments Photographer: Adelie penguins are often seen on icebergs in the Southern Ocean. Sailing past the island flight, two curious penguins walking along the iceberg to get a better view of us. It was a memorable meeting.
26 Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. Comments Photographer: As we traveled up the volcano, my friend reminded me of the legend of the goddess Pele fire in Hawaiian mythology. In the upper left corner of the photo as if seen her profile as if it is blowing or whispering something into the ocean, causing the pair to separate from the surface of the water.
27 Migration of red crabs, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Photographer's comment: From 100 to 120 million covered island red carpet, migrating from the tropical forests of the coast. It is the largest migration of living creatures on Earth. I spent three weeks on the stomach with arms and protective knee pads to make these shots.
28 Icebergs in the Gulf of Notre Dame, near the island of Fogo, Newfoundland, Labrador, Canada. Comments Photographer: Every spring hundreds of icebergs drift from the Cape of Greenland to the south, past Newfoundland. This evening, in spite of the strong waves and clouds, I took a chance and hired a fisherman to take me to a group of icebergs. At some moment the sun enlightened through the ice, creating incredible the background. And is stranded on the tip of the iceberg bird was a pleasant bonus. " "

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