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Monday, 10 November 2014


In 2001, Baloo, Leo and Sherhan found in the basement of a house in Atlanta, Georgia, during a raid on a drug den.Thereafter, the animals to which former owners treated carelessly placed under guardianship nonprofit organization help wildlife called "Noah's Ark". When young cured of his wounds and the effects of malnutrition, they decided to split, but after the separation, all three suddenly began to behave like a sluggish, frustrating and almost nothing to eat. Then again, they were placed in a cage. Now they live in a cage in the 1.01 hectare, through which the natural brook. They even have a "chalet" where shaggy trio likes to while away the time. To date, the only known case where the three major "higher" predator of different species live so close to each other and so amicably. All three males and about the same age.

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