Q:- My bird is very sick and she is sitting on the floor.What do I do.Treatment below.
a.Clean the cage,put the cage in fresh air,give her fresh feed,fresh water,egg shells and boiled eggs even if she declines to eat them.

b.Boil 20 leaves of tulsi(holy basil) in water till only 2 spoons of water is left in the pan.Allow it to cool at room temperature.Take a syringe(THROW AWAY THE NEEDLE).Make the bird drink the Tulsi water every 4 hours.Do not make them over drink.A drop is enough.Do not give her anything refrigerated.

c.The bird is not eating anything.You have to give her energy.Make her drink water melon juice every 3 hours with syringe(without needles).Do not feed her excess of water melon juice.

d.In the night,put a lighted bulb on her cage to keep her warm for 1 hour.Do not forget to give her juice.The bulb can cause dehydration.

e.Change water and feed frequently.A sick bird will feed on calcium.Find good source of calcium for the birds.

The bird will recover 100% even if she had something poisonous.